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{November 6, 2009}   Blog and Pony Show

My puppy is growing, he doesn’t look like it but he is. He is still the size of a small stuffed animal that you win at the carnival for popping only three balloons. We can’t tell who he will favor in looks, he has the body of the chihuahua and a giant bobble head of the spaniel. I guess his breed would be donned “the Chaniel”. I did see on the television on a Pet channel that mixing breeds is very chic. The Pug+ Beagle = Puggle. I highly doubt my Pup was scientifically constructed out of a test tube, or a nobel Pet Bank. He was an accident in a trailer park. I think I will register him under his new breed title: Chaniel or Cocker-Hau-hau, or Cock-cha-cha, or cha-cha-chia….This brings me to the subject of giving him a name. My daughter named him, she calls him Charly, with a backward “R”. Like the title Movie from the book, Flowers for Algernon. Come to think of it he does resemble Cliff Robertson with that crooked smirk. Once we all decided that the name was fine we all found ourselves sick of it by the end of the day. Every other word was: “Charly No, Charly sit, Charly get down, Good Charly, Charly come here, Charly stop, Charly Noooooo. No matter how many times his name was mentioned he still had no Idea who it was these people were talking about.
One unique feature our puppy has is the ability to meander around our house like a ninja. One moment he is sitting quietly in front of the sliding back door and the minute you turn your back to him and start walking he is under your feet. He seems to be rather quiet for a puppy, which I found out later, means he is searching for his voice. The first sound out of him, other than the two nights of whimpering, was a deep gutteral growl/yawn that resembled the German officer Sargent Schultz from Hogan’s Heroes. I heard that they do DNA testing on Mutts to detect their true identity. He could have some German Shepherd in him. Or the way he keeps his nose low to the ground while he’s sniffing out his territory dragging his lower lip could be indicative of a bloodhound. Or the way his body stiffens and his nose points forward while lifting his front paw to point could be an English Setter, Or the way he bounces off every wall and is distracted so easily could be a rare breed of puppy known as: ADD- attention deficit doggie, OR the way he sits on his haunches with his legs to the side next tot he stereo is a spitting image of the RCA Victor dog. I wonder what DNA testing would cost me, I wonder if I care. I’m sure when we have our Puppy check with the Established Vet we’ll get answers.
Which leads me to the first Puppy visit with the Vet. This time we got to enter through the “Well Pet Door”. There were no lines, no crazed animals in the waiting room,and lovely staff members in floral scrubs. They gave us all the info prior to the appointment , oh, and specifically requested we bring in a fresh stool sample. I hope they were referring to the puppy…Our Puppy was granted a clean bill of health and we left with all kinds of goodies and a “puppy Folder” for all our Puppy Papers, and new Puppy food, and new puppy treats, and a puppy pill that you hide in a squishy puppy treat that has the same shape and color of the stool sample we brought in earlier, and the puppy de wormer in a syringe, and the puppy de-tick & de -flea serum that you apply once a month..oh and..oh and…plus…HELP ME…This bill was as much as the ER bill and could buy the other half of the Vespa. How did all this come about? I thought you just got a dog and fed it. How did dogs survive in the dawn of time before all this fancy shmancy stuff arose? I haven’t even started with my continued adventure into the Giant Conglomerate Cornering the Market Pet store we visited to get a food bowl and a toy. THREE aisles of toys all different gradients of growth per Dog. Dog collars & Leashes in fabulous colors for every season. Oh and the Food! Mounds and mounds of incredible edibles for your four legged new addition. All the bags had great titles with their brand, Science, Chow, Smart, Pro, Glo, I’m great, pick me,I’m better than that one, …Diet, regular, finicky, I’m a pig, Mess maker, Lap me up from the floor IF YOU CAN…. Oh and the chewing items: Bones, rawhide, ears, veggie chews, dental stix, PUP-er-Roni…what ever happened to go fetch a stick. See Spot run, see Spot fetch a dental chew. Yeah, like that’s gunna help. Oh and did I mention the Puppy Pads? Maxi or with wings……

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