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{November 7, 2009}   Love Me Love my Blog

I’m happy we got a dog. I was unsure and had buyers remorse. After sleepless nights, frequent potty mishaps, and the constant training of a newbie, oh, and a few threats of “sending him back to where he came from”, I relented. I relented every time he looked at me with those big round dark eyes. Those eyes that screamed “I didn’t mean to, I love you, feed me, I gotta go now, where’s your son’s back pack so I can devour his chemistry book, did I say I love you?” This pup pulls the cute mug trick like its a light switch ( without a dimmer). I’ve seen that look so many times and I fall for it every time. That look makes it hard to discipline him. I find it hard to get mad at him when he misbehaves. The Established Vet told us we have a very good natured dog. This dog will let you pet him all over, rub his tummy, roll him over, and cradle him in your arms on his back like a newborn home from the hospital. But Those eyes have it. Once you are locked into his spell any thought of rubbing his nose in his accident flies out with the flies. He has you in his puppy trance and has total control over your thoughts. He knows he’s captivated you in his puppy web because he is this small creature that melts hearts with his Big EYES. But don’t forget the ninja side of him. Just when you think he is trained and trustworthy he slithers into an unfamiliar territory and unloads a profound present that permeates throughout the vents. I don’t understand. He is potty trained. He has been performing magnificently on task, peak performance, outstanding, Suma Cum LOAD, and just like that it all rolls down hill. A setback? Well let’s find out, let’s ask the Established vet. And I did. On the next visit. A hundred and fifty dollars later the Established Vet gave her expert opinion on the matter: ” Oh, Yes that will happen…have you tried our latest doggie treats there in the Lobby.” Ten minutes with a dog at $150….”whose the stupid mommy, huh, whooose the stupid mommy…good girl… have a treat.” I could see if I returned to the spca “Doc” with this issue: As he jumps on his Harley spewing words back to me; ” Yea Lady, the dogs gunna shit that’s what they do”. Dog-do. I know that, but does it have to happen on my Berber Carpet? I said with big round eyes…..
As I mentioned before I am happy I got the dog. He has brought life into our home. My kids are getting bigger, one is in college and the other in high school. They don not need me like when they were little. They have lives of teenage-dom which don’t include mommy-dom. They are off gallivanting in teenage nirvana. I do not fault them for this it is just a matter of growing up. They are busier than me. I use to be the busy one ,now I watch them whirl in and out like mini tornados. There appears to be a void happening around me and the pupster just might be in line to fill it. I’ve watched this dog make an unemployed middle age man laugh again. I have seen this pup turn a teen with angst into a bouncing bundle of joy. I witnessed a smile or two from the college coed when I’m not looking. And in some of my dark days I can strap him to his leash and sit on the front stoop as we both bask in the sunlight. In those moments I can not imagine any greater feeling, especially when I gaze into those Big Round Eyes. Oh those eyes, they are looking at me right now, they are calm and beaming with pride. I am so captivated right now by those eyes and incredibly swept away by the  immense odor of his latest outdoor accomplishment.
“Good Charly…whooose a good boy…”

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