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{November 7, 2009}   It’s a Dirty Blog, but somebody’s gotta do it….

Charly ( with the backward R) is trying to get paper trained indoors. We do not get the paper. I canvassed the neighborhood and kindly asked for donations. Most neighbors throw theirs in the recycle and they extended their “cans” at my disposal. We live in what some folks call “the rich area” of our small town. My husband and I just happen to do well in a few real estate ventures back in the real estate hay day out west and ventured to a small farm area on the east coast. In other words, we are getting Lots more for our money out here. So needless to say it gives the locals great pleasure to see the ” rich tourists ” digging through their trash cans. Our puppy had to go poop and I did not have time to go to the market 25 miles away, nor could I call the local paper boy and start immediate delivery. I managed to collect enough to get us through a couple of days. The pup seemed to get the concept of going on the paper, particularly after he chewed it to shreds and ingested most of sports page. I had to wait an hour for the MLB playoff stats to pass. I tried covering his potty area with the food advertisement and coupon section. That quality of paper proved to be thicker, shinier, and slicker, and less absorbent. I found him knee deep in a land -o-lakes ad; He tried to run and hide, but he was an easy mark. I followed the evidence of wet puppy prints that included spelling.
This called for a return trip to the giant Pet Conglomerate store in search of puppy pads. Puppy pads resemble what a Pampers diaper might look like if you ran over it with a steamroller a few times. Oh,and, they are costly. Oh, and, they chew just as nicely as the newspaper, only they include plastic. Which we found doesn’t pass a readily as the sports page did. I’m sure the Established Vet would have had a hay day with that stool sample. ” Oh, yes, Charly’s diet is remarkable, it looks as though Acme is running a sale.”
Our pup is managing to get his routine down as he matures, however, there is one short coming that we were unaware of; Apparently Spaniels have a week bladder and when excited tend to “leak”. This happens every time anyone greets him. So, you can imagine the welcoming reception we get from friends and neighbors when they enter our home and we immediately usher them to the laundry room and have them stand on the puppy pads so they can greet the new dog. We had to stop that ritual when one neighbor exited with a puppy pad stuck to the bottom of her shoe on her return trip from the bathroom. I am happy to report that the toilet training is a rapid success. He manages to go outdoors now, well he has too. There’s no other choice. We have exhausted our coupons for the Rug Doctor. And besides, Charly has an acre and a half to do his business. And believe me, he is utilizing every inch of our landscape with his land mines. Every Hour on the Hour. Incoming…………

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