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{November 10, 2009}   My Dog’s Blog with a Sidebar

I have only done this blog for a week. No one is reading it but me. I presented it to my daughter who is an English major in college and she recommends I “pretty it up”, and give it eye appeal. I wanted to see which were the top sites for Bloggers and the number one in hits has a COED title. I clicked on it. It is definitely coated with “eye candy”. My Dog’s Blog can never compete with nubile coeds scantily dressed. I could try to dress my puppy in risque attire; I recall seeing Doggy Dress-up in aisle 102 at the Giant conglomerate puppy Super Mart. Maybe shave off some of his fur and expose a little under belly? Locate a few neighboring dogs for a little “puppies gone wild”. Sorry, I’m blogging for the intellectual in need of some light humor and may be experiencing the same things I am. My Coed days are Long secured and tucked away in a diary at Fort Knox where my teens will never get their paws on it…
Security is another reason to own a dog. They make you feel safe even when they are hiding under the bed during a power outage. I want my puppy to be a watch dog. And he is, by golly, he watches everything we do, every bug on the backdoor screen, every feather let loose from the comforter, and every bite that enters our mouth during dinner. He doesn’t miss a beat. He watches the air. My guess is, IF someone were tying to break into our house; he would WATCH them do it. With his head tilted to the side. Possibly dragging a chew toy in hopes the criminal would have time to play fetch. Some one suggested posting a “beware of dog” sign on your property as a deterrent. I love those signs. They make you think Cujo lives there. But as I have said before we moved to a small farm like area where everyone knows your name, make, and serial number. They have all seen my dog out front doing his business at all hours of the day. They honk and wave as they pass by. They all have been captured by his Big Round Eyes. They would love  it if I posted a Beware of giant vicious tear your throat out dog sign, while my six inch tall dog lures them into a puppy trance and melts their heart out. Maybe I’ll return to aisle 102 and pick out a doggie frock for my pup. Yeah, I saw a cute little COP number in his size. It came with a utility belt loaded with keys and a flashlight.   Maybe they have a German one like Colonel Klink wore and I can wrap an SS band around his paw and he can roll his growl into a “Halt!” Or I noticed a long blond feathered back wig with a strapping red jumpsuit; He could ninja out from a corner and bark”freeze” while his paw flicks a wisp of hair from his Big Round Eyes. Well he’s my Charly’s angel.

    Or maybe I’ll just call the Brink’s man.

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