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{November 30, 2009}   Blog Day Afternoon

My dog is now 4 months old. I heard that  for every year of a humans life it’s seven years of a dog’s life. That means that in two more months my dog will be age equivalent to a three and a half year old. Which means I can enroll him in pre school. That’s what I did with my kids. Hmm, puppy pre-school. It has a nice ring to it. I’m sure they exist in L.A. My doggie is getting calmer and wiser as he matures. The calmer part is miniscule compared to the wiser part. He has not has an accident in the house in quite some time. (knock wood). However, the weather is changing for the worse and his out door duty is completed in record time. He manages to find his spot, do his thing, and  B-line back to the door. He does not pass go or collect 200 dollars.  I like that. I like that he doesn’t like the cold weather. I don’t either. My husband thinks he should have a coat to keep him warm for the winter. I went to the Doggie Conglomerate Depot and saw the wonderful items on display. These  Pelts for Pups cost an arm and a hind leg. My husband the designer, mentioned he could make something for the puppy out of my sons knit stocking cap. It certainly had enough holes in it for Paw Outlets and it was Ninja Black. Trying to put our pup into this rag was our first mistake. It was like fitting a net of Christmas lights over a rose bush. Only this one had a bite to it. By the time we finished our pup looked like he entered the black hole. He emerged like a four legged Masked Marauder walking on hot coals having an epileptic seizure.

This was not going to work. It just occured  to me that I was trying to put a coat on something that already had a coat. This animal is all inclusive. Could you imagine doing this in Alaska with an eskimo dog? Do you think for the Iditarod they don furs for the event. Is it considered animal cruelty not to purchase a hounds regalia prior to the race extraordinaire. And what about the footwear?  er PAW-wear.  My dog was not going out side in his quasi wrinkled ninja skull cap. I think that would humiliate him. I think dressing dog’s up in little Barbie clothes is humiliating for a dog.  I think dog’s like to be dog’s. I don’t think they look at other dog’s and judge what they are wearing much like we humans do. They could care less what other dog’s are wearing, whether is be Jimmy Chews, or Louie BIT-on , or Bark Jacobs, or Vera Wag, or dare I mention Kate SPADE? Ouch.  I think my pup will weather the storm in his birthday suit, just as long as he can dash out in a New York minute. Yeah, he can do his dooty  au natural. And when the snow settles in he can rush back to the comfort of the floor vents that flow every minute costing me a small fortune in fuel. Now, where did I put that stalking cap……..

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