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{December 2, 2009}   Hair of the Blog

We  just finished our “next-to-the-last-set-of-shots” visit with our established vet. We are all on a first name basis now, being that they have my American Express on file.  My husband accompanies me to these appointments because I can not drive alone with the dog. I tried one afternoon when the roads were clear of commuters and all that was left to contend with were slow moving farm equipment. I did have the foresight to make sure my dog went potty before we took our mini road trip. One very close EDO (experienced dog owner) counseled me on ” pup safety and the road”. “Always make sure they are strapped down with a leash and harness, if need be purchase a car seat for them”. right. Should I include the one with the playskool steering wheel and horn? Will the dash include a Starbuck’s double tall latte holder and Blue tooth.? Should I set up the DVD player  for distraction? Ergo when I crash from the hysterics of all this nonsense he’ll be in the middle of All Dog’s go to Heaven.

No. I put him in the passenger seat and said “stay” and we road happily ever after tot he post office.  Oh wait that was in the cartoon movie. I put him in the passenger seat and he jumped back and forth onto my lap barking and clawing at the doors. He was screaming at anyone he saw walking along the road; they probably thought I was a dog napper from the way he carried on pawing at the windows. I think at one time his snout pressed the emergency flashers. His leash was tangled around the transmission at every bound. He pounced onto my lap with his tail in my face and front paws on the steering wheel. yeah like he knew where he was going. Just like a man taking control. Probably afraid to ask for directions. “It’s O.K. Boy, mommie has Garmin”.  We made it to the post office to mail some letters, I thought that would be an innocent enough outing for our first time. Wait, what am I saying? I’m taking a dog to the post office? Where the postman never rings at all at our house due to his incessant barking. God please have drive through. Thank you. We made the trip in one piece, I drove 75 in a 25 mph country road. I had to brake once for a deer and that made Charly catapult from the back seat. Thank God he was tethered. He landed butt first on the dashboard facing me with his head bobbing up and down form the impact. Bobblehead. This  is why I have my husband come with us to the Vet. I am afraid to take him on major roads miles away. With real traffic. And traffic lights. I could send him by cab with a note pinned to his collar. I would use the transit system here but he’s too short to pull the stop wire. Plus I don’t think the bus driver will pullover to walk him if he has to poop.

Yeah I’m sure that unscheduled stop will go over well with the rest of the passengers.

Haha, I love your post! You made me giggle 🙂

Thank you! I hope you started at the beginning! Hair of the Blog was my last post. Enjoy and pass along to Pet lovers!

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