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{December 2, 2009}   It’s a Blog-eat-Blog world

Right now its quiet in my house. It’s late and all are asleep. I  like the quiet it is so peaceful to me and the stillness is invigorating.  Sometimes I just sit or lie in the stillness and soak it up like a sponge. My puppy is learning to be still. He manages to find his comfy spot and chill for a while. At first I thought he was ill, but later I realized he was just Jellin’. This is all part of being a dog I guess. I would like that luxury. I would like to chill every hour on the hour and just sit back and take in my surroundings. maybe mosey over for a snack and take a time out to wrestle with a squeaky toy. I just realized that my puppy reacts off of me and my surroundings. If I am sitting at my PC engrossed in a project, my pup minds his own business and goes with the flow. If there is a lot of activity or chaos  in our house the pup feeds into that energy and bounces off every nook and cranny. One evening my puppy and I were quite copacetic with nature and lounging in the silence of an empty house. I loved the fact that no one was home but us and we were both on the same wave length. We had play time, feeding time , and quiet time. We seem to be in a rhythmic pattern and dancing the two step as I took the lead. This was heaven and this is what owning a dog is all about. That unconditional love and respect and obedience that your children take for granted.  I have worked hard to instill rules in my home and I am not a happy camper when they are broken or bent. I figure dogs, like toddlers, need direction, rules, and routines  to follow in order to maintain a status quo.  I had an EDO ( experienced dog owner) tell me to never feed your dog regular food from the dinner table. If you make that the conventional your dog will never eat their dry dog nuggets again. I was advised  to not even  add any additives or cru-de te to my pups cuisine or  they will never venture to their dog chow again. I made it a family rule to NOT feed the dog at the table. Never give scraps of food from their plate or any plate within a three mile radius. I came home from school one evening and my husband was preparing a wonderful turkey for Thanksgiving. I noticed that my dog would not leave my husbands side. He sat at the base of the stove in anticipation that he may be hit by a piece of  shrapnel from the tender thigh being transferred to the roasting pan. Or maybe receive a splash of Ode-de-gravy when the plunger defaults during basting.  I watched my dog watching my husband. I watched my husband sneak a piece of breast to my pup. I watched my pup inhale it .  I called my husband out for this maneuver and he completely denied any wrong doing. I watched him maneuver the evidence in a man to man defense. I explained that this is a detriment to the dog and his eating habits. I explained that feeding him human food will deter him from his chow-du-jour and he will not eat his dehydrated dog food ever again. I do not have the time to prepare my pooch a four course meal featuring steak Diane. He will get the kibble’s and bits outta the bag like all the rest of his kind. My husband ignored me and continued with the Thanksgiving menu. I turned and walked away and looked back over my shoulder to watch my husband offer the pooch a full blown turkey drumstick to taste.  I went balisitc. I screamed : “what part of don’t feed the dog human niblits don’t you get”? My husband felt there was no harm in doing this,he has no idea of the reprocussions that are in play here. When it came time to give the dog his dinner my husband the gourmet, decided to add a little of the turkey gravy to the dog’s dry food. You see my husband is a gourmet cook. he can make  a fried egg taste like it walked off the the ala carte menu at Tavern on the Green. I, on the other hand can’t cook and everyone in this household is aware of my culinary attempts. As I waltzed passed the puppy’s room I noticed that Charly had scattered his puppy chow into categories. He had taken out all the chunks that did not contain the savory gravy topping and lined them outside his dish, leaving the coated morsals  displayed in his bowl like a pu-pu-platter at P.F. Chang’s.

What does one do when the rules of engagement have been severed in your own home. When you try to set a precedent and no one follows it but you. What message does this send to the dog? You can have your steak and eat it too? Well he’s barking up the wrong Chef. This will never do. I will have to remedy this problem and remove the virus before it spreads. I will simply nip this in the biscuit. Too many cooks in the doggie kitchen.

Here Charly, go fetch. Go fetch the classifieds for daddy……

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