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{December 9, 2009}   In The Bloghouse

It’s snowing outside and on my blog. I love the snow but my pooch is unsure since this is his first encounter. Charly is fully potty trained with the exception of a few “leaks” with greeters. He’s  four and a half months now and is  fully cognizant of his surroundings. Boy is he cognizant. He has an incredible Cog in his Zant. A Dog Cog. He notifies us in many ways when it time to relieve himself. Mostly it is jumping on top of us and licking your face off leaving a hidden message in his saliva. Now it is December and the snow has landed on our farm town. Charly was use to the rain and had his peeing down to a science to avoid getting soaked. He could run between rain drops after he left his morning doo. But having to get up at six a.m. from his comfy warm doggie haven and dash out to 30 degree temps was a different story. Snow became his first  urine inhibitor. I heard from EDO’s ( experienced dog owners, if your reading my blog you should know this term by now), that; “if you crate your pup from the onset your doggie learns to hold his potty.” Hmmm should have done that with my kids. I could see me toting a doggie crate with my three year old son inside as we stand in line to renew my drivers license. Oh, no, it’s not abuse, I’m crating him to hold his potty. I think that would move me to the front of the line at the DMV. Or to cell block eight. I don’t have the heart to crate my pup. I can’t stand to see any pup behind bars. Besides he has rights. The right to bear paws, freedom of  snarl, and the right to a speedy secretion. Which didn’t happen in the snow….

Charly strolled out to the front stoop and stalled like an car with a bad battery.  He surveyed his surroundings as if he were scanning the instrument panel of a 747. I had to prod him to the white blanket covering the lawn. He put his paw on the first drift and retracted as if he his pad got scalded on a hot stove.  After a few kind and reassuring words of: “c’mon Charly, it’s o.k. it’s only 6 a.m. and 29 degrees and mommies tired of all the commuters passing by and pointing at her Sponge  Bob P.J.’s”. Charly finally started trekking across the snow in search of his mark.  As he penetrated the snow with each paw he stopped to evaluate the content of this frozen white stuff. His nose became a mini snow plow leaving a trench to aid in better drainage. Our property has a slope that invites every downhill sledder from the neighborhood. Periodically Charly would roll himself a snowball and flick it into the air and jump up to bite it. I didn’t mind that he was enjoying his first winter wonderland, but it was cold and Patrick and Squidward were forming icicles. I really thought my puppy would be too cold to stay out very long, like when he is in the rain. I guess he doesn’t like to be wet, but hypothermia he can withstand. Go figure.  After fifteen minutes of combing the acreage Charly had touchdown! He did a perfect spiral on the ice! A lovely double axel. A product of his morning breakfast! A Tripple Sal-chow. He did not return to do his normal sniff routine after each defecation. This time he stood there with pride admiring his new ice sculpture. Then he did a 360 and shot back to the front door with me in tow.

Never wear Keds in the winter snow. There is absolutely no traction. The entire SpongeBob Square Pants Crew went down in flakes…..

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