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{December 11, 2009}   Three Blog Night

Is it possible for a mutt to have dual personalities? Do dogs have personalities or is there a standard pattern of behavior that is genetic in all breeds. If my pup is a mixture does he carry the behavior traits from the complete line of ancestors? My God , what could that entail, he came from a trailer park. We are giving him a lovely spacious home with lots of land. He has the best of chew toys and the loving  full time company of four family members. Well three, the college coed we’ll consider to be part time. I have noticed changes in my pet’s pupperisms, especially if there is a drastic about-snout in his routine. Case in point; I went away for three days to attend a Notre Dame football game with my 83 year old mother and when I returned my hound was nipping at anything that extended from my body. He was growling, lunging, glaring,barking, and chewing at me. Needless to say I had already had three days of that sharing a room with my mother in the Hotel. It was as if this puppy had never seen me before and I was a stranger in my own home. It took him approximately 15 minutes to assimilate in his doggie pea brain, lodged in his Bobblehead, who exactly I was to him. I think I’ll hang a life size portrait of myself over his bed in the laundry room.Or a papier mache’ bust out of puppy pads.  I am thinking of going to Build-a-Bear and construct a toy dog with voice activation. My voice. Every time he attacks the little stuffed thing my voice will erupt with every bite. That’ll freak him out.

Anyway, I thought maybe Charly was having a case of split personalities. One minute he’s as calm and playing kissy face with everyone, and the next minute he’s turned into the Incredible Hulk. Only he remains in black and white. The Established Vet instructed us to “use distraction during those moments”. Does she realize those moments are a nano second and repetitive?Oh we use distraction, retraction, infraction, incarceration…    I asked an EDO what she thought of this erratic behavior. She laughed for fifteen minutes. Not at the puppy and his behavior, but at me spending mega bucks at the Established Vet to get answers. She told me the “answers were in the future”. Great. I tried reading his horoscope and that was fruitless, I suppose now I have to consult a crystal ball.  Oh she would love that, she would love the fact that I went to get Madam Garbonzo to gaze into the future for me and tap into my dog’s psychie for behavior issues. The Future. What does she mean by that. Answers are in the future. Give me a break. O.K. I give Swammie, what does the future hold?

“He’ll quiet down after two years, he won’t be a puppy anymore he’ll be a grown dog”, she divulged with brevity in her voice.

I’m surprised she didn’t make me wait this out and go get the answer from the Established Vet at $150 an hour………

Well it’s Easy To Be Hard when your dealing with Black or White, Out in the Country……Joy to the World.

the777man says:

I would suggest puppy classes! He is probably to young for dog training, but if you take him to puppy training classes he will learn to socialize with other dogs, and a bunch of other stuff. I recommend this for two reasons on your latest post you said you would like to have him someday by your side walking on the beach, and if you want to do this you have to socialize him while he is young. It will help to turn him into that dream dog you want in the future, and make it such that you wont have to move to the Sahara desert where you have no neighbors for him to bark and bother.

By the way I have not found my way clear back to figure out what kind of dog he is? Other than a mutt… He will inherit some of the traits of each of his ancestors to a point. My Lab shepherd mix was the coolest mix I have ever had… Well most of my dogs have been pure breeds, so that is not saying that much! He loved the water as any good lab would, he herded my kids when they were small like a good shepherd, and when when we had the chickens out he would put them promptly back in the chicken pen. He was as loyal as any lab could be, but had the guard dog instinct that came from his shepherd. He would stay in the backyard simply on loyalty, because he could climb any fence and I am not sure what breed that came from, but if the kids were out beyond the fence playing he would go right over the top of the fence. He was a perfect mixture of the two breeds! The best guard dog I ever had! I had actually trained him off leash, and that is good, but recommend dogs become accustomed to leashes early than the first time you need to have them on a leash, because I ended up carrying a 60 lb dog into my son’s classroom for show and tell. He would not walk on a leash and did not understand the concept. Training though will alleviate your challenges you are having with said pup! Then as you mention throughout your blog he will be forever by your side with a lot less challenges than one might have with said man or husband!

Peace and Harmony, Sj

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