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{December 11, 2009}   Wag the Blog

I am writing in the color of my puppy’s new winter sweater. (But I changed my Blog decor and it doesn’t read well.) It is very collegiate looking, it just needs an monogram or a belt. When he totes a Dental chew in his teeth he looks a little like Heff in his smoking pajamas. Charly actually likes the way he looks in his new Kimono. He doesn’t fight it anymore, he let’s you drape it over his head and press his resisting paws through the side holes like a paper doll. He stands there proudly like Simba on Pride Rock overlooking his domain eyeing the Girls next door as they enter  the Grotto in their bootie pants. This sweater works for him. It’s winter and he is freezing his hind legs off. My husband made this quasi sweater for him out of a knit cap from  a hardware store going out of business. I wouldn’t have to capitalize on that if my teen son would forfeit one of his Hoodies. At first I thought the neighbors might talk. You know, maybe we didn’t clear it with the board of the HOA.  When I visited the giant Pet Smartie store I noticed an aisle filled with racks of pet clothing for pups. I actually detected a replica of my husbands handy work only with finished edges, selling for $25. This has given me an idea. I may go into doggie designs. I’m sure there is a need for it. Well there is with Paris Hilton.  Anyway, I guess the whole purpose of the jacket for my pup is to keep him warm and to not catch cold.  Do dog’s catch colds? I just got a news flash from my husband who had all the time in the world to concern himself with such matters. Apparently there is a doggie influenza going around.  It is fatal. Hound influenza. Puppy pandemic. We will have to take him to the Established Vet to get her take on this. I’m sure her take will be plenty. I believe my pup will need a vaccination. PLUS we are not to have him in any contact with other mongrels. No prob. I have been quarantined with this pup for four months now unable to walk him in the “hood”. Holed up in the house with his jurisdiction spreading only to our yard. If he gets the flu I will simply handle it the only way I know how: Chicken soup. Probably have to be prescribed by the Established Vet. I thought all these shots we were getting him were preventing all this. Don’t tell me our pup is now a candidate for the N1H1 (Naughty Hound) floating through the universe. Do I have to get a mask from the operating room and apply it to his snout while he strolls the neighborhood? Maybe he’ll take Bubble Boys place.   In a Bow-wow ballon. I have never heard of so many illness in a pet. In retrospect of my dog owning adolescent years our pups never had diseases. They died of natural accidents. I recall one incident of a mishap with a garbage truck and our dog. Or should I say our MOM’S dog. ( Her name was Taffy) Our dog met her maker under the back wheel of Fridays Pick-up. I recall her yelling over the roar, something about “Taffy under the wheel” .  My brother yelled back ” It’s not mine, Besides I have Double – bubble “. My mom lined us all up according to height and broke the news to us. We were all in our teen years at the time and unaware of the incident or that we even had a dog. My brother the comedian, asked my mom if the dog would be  considered for pick up next Thursday. Laffy Taffy.

I love my pup and if he gets puppy pneumonia I will pay extra for the oxygen tent in the Vet E.R. I will provide extra vitamin C or garlic whichever wards off evil germs to my puppy. I will contact William Peter Blatty and perform an exorcism if necessary to keep him healthy. I will cover him form head to toe like Bazooka Joe to ensure his safety. I will chose Option One  on the blue admitting form  in the Vet ER. What..……….I chose that the last time………

Very cool description of your pup!

Thank you! Start with the first blog and it will make more sense! It’s perils of an inexperienced puppy owner.
thank you again!

Glad you enjoyed it! Spread the Humor.

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