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{December 16, 2009}   Blog on it!

I like writing this blog. I can’t seem to get away and get things done, like taking my son to the doctor. He needs to go he’s had a sore throat and now it’s a violent chest cough. I happen to have some left over antibiotic on hand when his wisdom teeth were extracted last August, but he took one and had horrible stomach pains. I kept him home from school today and one day last week. I listen to his chest and it’s clear so I think this is a bug that will run it’s course. OR maybe he has a history presentation due today that didn’t get finished because he spent the weekend socializing with other teens. I just took my puppy to the Established Vet this morning for his last shot. I suppose I could have had them check my son at the same time. What, anatomy is anatomy, just on a larger scale and a little more detailed. It’s all the same composition, blood, water, oxygen, lungs, bones, heart…MUCUS. Yea Charly has dog snot. I’ve seen it. I caught my son and him both pawing at their snouts while watching T.V.  I don’t like illnesses or people getting sick. I don’t have the patience for it. I believe a lot in Mind over Matter. When I was a child and got sick, (rarely) my mother threw a coat on us and  shoved us outside no matter what the weather was. She felt that”fresh air” was God’s cure. Personally I think she did that to keep our runny noses off her coffee table. Our snot would hang on the trees we climbed and became one with nature. I think she actually gave us  one tissue per child to tote in our parka pockets. Mine was wadded up and had holes and appeared dusty, probably from the year before or was recycled by my older brother. I found it easier to use my sleeve or a leaf. There are many lessons we teach our children I’d like to include Botany as one. One rainy day I was out taking my cold for a walk and my nose started to run wild. I picked a leaf from a nearby plant growing in our back ravine to wipe it. I have used many leaves in my youth but this one had a great tingling effect accompanied by an after burn. I felt the heat expand across both cheeks while I scratched the newly formed bumps that had arose.  After my mom calmed down she explained “nettles” to me. I have that leaf formation memorized, along with Poison Ivy.  Maybe I should just send my son and the dog outside with his cold. Charly is constantly picking up leaves and chewing them. Maybe that’s why he never has a runny snoz. Well, we’ll just leaf it at that.

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