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{December 25, 2009}   Blog eat Blog world

It’s Christmas morning and everyone is up early. I can never get my children up early for school, it is like going through Congress to get them riled. BUT, when Christmas arrives they always manage to arise promptly at six a.m. They make loud noises so I will wake up, because if I wake up, then the gift dispensing gets to start. BECAUSE, It’s all about the gifts you know. It’s all about what they got and how much and ” not socks again” and “please I’ll  be good for the rest of my life if you get me the snowboard I wanted”. I love Christmas. I love everything about the holiday , the lights, the fake tree, the irate last minute shoppers who steal your parking space, the neighbors who regift because they weren’t expecting something from  you, and if we are blessed enough….snow. Yes snow did remain long enough to join Christmas for the Holiday. It just doesn’t get better than this. Or does it? My Dog loves the snow now, he is proficient in peeing on white, ergo I can Never leave Martha Stewart’s king size summer sheets  lying around the house.  He loves the snow so much that it is hard to get him to return to the house. I caught him one afternoon making a snow angel ; I found out  later he had face planted in two feet of powder and was fighting for air.

Charly has had all his shots now and has Carte Blanche from the Established Vet to roam about the cabin, er , I mean the neighborhood. We walked for an hour up and down the snow lined street covered in dirty gravel from the snow plow. Charly enjoyed eating everything in sight that moved. He took a particular liking to snowballs. I caught him harboring one in his mouth savoring the flavor all the way back home. We walked outside hoping to possibly run into neighbors outside either shoveling their driveways or sledding down hills. We saw nothing but silence. A fine time to socialize. Everyone is indoors tied to their heaters. I moved to the country because I thought a slower pace of life was good for my kids. I thought moving to a rural farm area would entice neighbors to come forth and multiply with neighboring.  That seem to happen in the beginning and then as neighbors go, they all burn out on each other and retreat amongst themselves.  I don’t get it. We pretty much stay to ourselves and every now and then a “drive by” or a “drop in” will happen and a mild get together evolves. I never plan anything with my neighbors because my past experiences have prove to result in failures. I have had neighbors acknowledge an invite yet never show, I have had neighbors overlook NOT being invited and arrive, I have had neighbors drink to excess and create havoc, I have had neighbors who are more reliable than my own family, and I have had neighbors that pretend to be your friend then sue the daylights out of you because your tree dropped leaves onto their property. I should have sent Charly over, he loves leaves. I moved into a neighborhood based on convenience, locality, school district, and basically if I love the house. I do not move to a neighborhood looking for friendship or for someone to play with my kids. If you manage to get a great friendship from your “hood” that would considered to be a “bennie.” Personally, I can’t keep up with the drama and expectations that a “hood” provides. I like to live my life according to me. If I get  another invite to a Tupperware, Pampered Chef, Tastefully Simple, or God forbid, some Sex toy Vendor, I will move to Mars. Maybe I’ll start Dog Parties. Yeah, everyone brings their canine cutie and we drink and discuss dog woes. That would solve my socialization problem. Puppy Parties. With Pupper-wear.  Canine Candle -Lite .Fido Favors. Pampered Pooch!. oohhh you never looked so good!

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