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{February 1, 2010}   Looks Like Somebody Shot Your Blog

Have you ever felt like the world was closing in and you are about to lose everything? Have you ever felt that no one wanted to give you the time of day or look at your application twice? Have you ever had to go to your ex employer and beg for your job back? Have you ever felt despair and loneliness and a recumbent disconnect? I wonder if this has to do with menopause. I wonder if these are the feelings women get while having their anatomy slowly turn retrograde. I never use to give age a thought. I always felt age was a number the populace used to gage your life. I never took umbrage in the chronological ascendance of time passing. Until now. I don’t think I like it much. I understand how a person still feels, acts, and looks junior to their assigned age as long as it’s warranted. What I don’t like contending with is the way other people look at someone’s number. Particularly people in the work force or higher education system. How can someone judge you by a birth date without having met you. How can an institution assess your abilities and capabilities without meeting you. How can someone’s future rest on a document designed to categorize you and subject you to their standards without even meeting you? How? Do these organizations not know that 50 is the new 30? Do these companies not see that we are outliving our grandparents by a land slide. We have found the fountain of youth ( restveritrol), exercised our hearts to a new beat,  out think most new grads, and are capable of keeping the squeaky wheel well oiled without the help of WD-40…..

I look to the future, I enjoy everything that encompasses a brave new world, I love my next generation. I do not want to sit back in retirement at 50 watching my hormones moan louder than my dog. I think there are a lot of people in my age group that have a lot to offer this world and have been contributing over decades to make this globe spin nicely. I think Institutions need to take a long gander at people and who they are, maybe really get to know them and not be afraid of someone who is 50. Maybe take a long look into their soul during an interview instead of a short glimpse at their resume. I think companies need to know that we are not dead and useless at 50 and that our experiences play a pertinent role in a job performance. Hiring new grads for cheap is like buying $50 puppy from a trailer park. Lot’s of training involved and lot’s of cleaning up accidents, only to have them run away the first time you take them off a leash. Yeah, If I were an institution I would not put a big red check mark on an application that illustrates a person with Hutzpa and character lines.  I wouldn’t put the new generation of healthy -not ready- for- retirement,  who will work without calling out sick on Mondays from too much partying over the weekend because they have been there done that in their post college years; out to pasture or in the dog pound. I wouldn’t shrug off hiring a senior recruit because you feel they can’t keep up with technology, who do you think invented it? I would not push aside an elder candidate like an old dog with a bad leg. Maybe it’s time we gather our pack and bared our dentures to the workforce and fight back what is rightfully ours to begin with. We started it and paved the way for the “new pups” to join in. Maybe we need to fight like a junk yard dog and take the companies out for a long walk and some training. Yeah, we can throw out the walkers with the handicap bumper stickers that everyone under 30 thinks we need. They think because we age we whither and  degenerate. Nope not all, not me, I’m as firm as my puppy’s petrified poop on the front lawn. Next time you feel the sky is falling and the ozone is closing in and no one want’s you but your dog, just glare out into space and the first Institutional CEO that walks by…………….sic em’!

OR phone your physician for a refill of estrogen……………….

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