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{February 15, 2010}   The Blog Ate My Homework

Does anyone really read blogs that don’t belong to infamous personalities like Brad and  Anjolina and their conglomerate of misfits that hang off his designer sweats? Do people think that stars or famous people are the only ones that have any substance to their lives? There are plenty of common folk that have a lot to contribute to society that have not starred in a feature film. I do not idolize film stars. Nor does my dog. Maybe if he met Lassie dining at The Brown Derby he might get a doggie biscuit caught in his throat when asking for a Paw-tograph. I have never been impressed by actors. I have never been star struck except once. Once when I was 17 I watched a comedy show called the Smother’s Brothers and they featured the writers in a guest spot. One up and coming newbie was a an unknown named Steve Martin. I watched this man perform the most idiotic and simplistic routines of comedy that a  first grader could accomplish. I watched him for the hour and laughed non stop for the next two hours. I was so impressed with this comedian that I vowed to myself that I had to meet him, and when I did meet him I was going to ask him to marry me. I was 17 at the time. I’m sure Steve would have whisked me off to the Ozarks where marrying a minor is the norm. My dream became a reality in the early 70’s when I was residing in Atlanta , Georgia. I was a flight  attendant with a then major airline, and would frequent a late night comedy club with my friends. It was called the Great Southeast Music Hall and Mr. Martin and his second billing, Mr. Martin Mull were playing one evening and I happened to be in the hallway during the crowded event. I made my way up to the side entrance to the stage and waited to peer over the numerous heads that blocked the view. As I stood there in anticipation of possibly catching a glimpse of my future husband to be ,someone nudged my back with a protruding instrument and diverted my attention from center stage. Someone was happy to see me. I turned around to reprimand the person poking my back with the head of a guitar and in the midst of my anger I realized it was the actor himself. Yes, Steve Martin was standing behind me holding his banjo and actually saying hello to me. I had been rehearsing in my mind all the things I wanted to say to him including my marriage proposal for the last three years, and at that moment when I turned around I had nothing to say except  comment on his missing beard. He was kind and funny and very polite, and I didn’t know why he even bothered to speak to me. I was a number in a crowd, but he made me feel like I was the only person there to see him on stage. I watched him do his schtick as I leaned against the wall in the back round with the awe and giddy-ness of a school girl receiving her first kiss. I stood against the back round with the other unfortunates who could not afford a seat and was blessed with the company of Martin Mull’s wife and later Steve himself stood with us. He was an unknown comic on the rise and I was standing a person apart from him. He had no Idea who I was and he did not pretend to be something other than what he was. A true comic and a human being. I stood on that back wall and felt as if I were part of this comic family and was treated as one of the siblings. I should have popped the question then. Later that evening I sat outside on a curb in the parking lot and the three- some walked to their car after their show. Steve turned to me and my friend and said “good night” and walked on with Mr. Mull and wife, and happen to kick a can across the lot as if he were in high school skipping a class. I had so much I wanted to say to Mr. Martin that night. So may lines I had rehearsed since I was 17 and when the time came I was the one with a doggie biscuit in my throat. I   have met other famous celebrity’s since that moment but have never lost my voice like I did with Mr. Martin. Some people just have that effect on you. I am not easily impressed by people, especially actors. I am more impressed with people that are capable of doing a heart transplant than people that show up on  the cover of US magazine because they managed to tackle Rehab for the 4th time… Personally I think Steve and I would have made a great couple. Given the chance. I think if I would have done my homework correctly I could have calculated my future with Mr. Martin.  I could have popped the question that evening while he toted a scotch in his left hand and strummed his banjo with his right. I’m sure he would  have accepted my full hearted proposal with the upmost sincerity…….. right after he called in the dogs..and  security.

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