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{March 4, 2010}   Crooked as an Old Blogs Hind Leg

Ain’t marriage grand? Don’t you just love the long silent pauses and passing each other by the bathroom like two ships in the night with only one fog horn that is actively tooting.Isn’t is amazing how twenty years can sneak by faster than gas escaping my husbands ass during an afternoon nap.  Much like I have been experiencing with my new puppy.

Charly-dog and my husband have many similarities that they don’t even know exist. They both run around on weekends  unshaven with their bed heads disheveled yawning as they transport their bodies from the couch to the floor.

 Their table manners are lax in the department  of keeping their compartments closed while they chew and finishing their meal by licking their bowls in unison.

 I have witnessed the two loitering around the stove while dinner is being prepared begging for a tasty preview.  The only difference lately that I have recorded is that I get jumped on more by my Dog…..

My parents were married for ever, and I asked my mother: “Why?”….why stay married for fifty years. What’s the point. The kids are grown and gone and maybe the things you thought you had in common aren’t  there anymore. Maybe two people have grown apart and have different desires and dreams then they did fifty years ago when they  first met. Why stay together if you are not truly elated and passionate about each other any more. I asked my then 70 year old mother these questions and her reply was:

“You marry for companionship. The companionship follows you into old age  ’til death do you part”.

Companionship? Get a dog. There is less barking and minor messes to contend with. Dogs curl up at your feet and can keep you warm and protected during the night without the snoring. They don’t have any excess baggage of extended family members. I can’t imagine one of Charly-dogs siblings phoning us for money or, God forbid, his mother calling daily to complain about the shiksa Shih Tzu he married.Dog’s make great companions, they smother you with  unconditional love even when they are faced with a rolled up newspaper above their nose.

 My husband has always traveled a lot and most of that time  for me was filled  with raising  children, I never stopped to take a breather, I just kept following the lead line.

 There can be a lot of things that get misplaced in a marriage besides your keys. For instance ,those times in your relationship where the initial spark lasted longer than  a brisk kiss goodbye out the door. Those times when a dinner and a movie meant actually getting out of the family room for a night.

Relationships fall into the hands of both parties involved and each is responsible for their part. It takes two to Tango…unless your mate doesn’t like to dance.  Charly-dog likes to dance. He waltzed over to me once in the kitchen poised on his hind legs mimicking a Cha-Cha as I attempted to tackle  a Chicken Marsala. I grabbed his front paws and we swayed to they songs of Michael Buble blasting from the Bose speaker. I picked him up into my arms and extended his paw toward that Tango path of a hallway allowing him to take the lead. Charly has the perfect emotion for that dance; he harbors a perennial grin as he exploits the pencil  in his teeth that he stole from my book bag.

Yes I think Dogs could replace  husbands in certain categories, now if Charly could just get out there and earn a buck I’d have it made in the shade. Maybe I’ll send him for some Salsa Lessons at Juilliard. Maybe I’ll just send him out for Hot Salsa & Chips to go along with my Hot flashes..

spread the humor.


Thank goodness for your Charly; my Baxter the Booger snores MUCH louder than The Spousal Unit, doesn’t dance much though. Great post!

Thanks Renee! I should retract that statement, this was an older post and since then Charly developed a little sleep apnea! Thank you for stopping by again and again, always a pleasure!

What a hilarious post—I just had to share it on Twitter! I love your comparison between dog and husband…the similarities are uncanny 😀

Thank you for dropping in, always a pleasure to entertain!

A sense of humour is a wonderful aphrodisiac!

You thinkin’ the grass is greener somewhere else?

Women are the true romantics in any relationship and it’s a rare find I think if you find a man in his 40’s or 50’s who still get’s a spark from like they did when they were 15.

Your Mom’s right. After the romance comes the companionship. But that’s the cynic in me.

No..I’m just Thinkin’ out loud….LOL….my grass happens to be very green… thanks for the stop in and I love your comments….all of them..every last one….

I have to disagee. I’m more romantic than Mrs. OA.

Kudos! Have her contact me in another 15 years……LOL Thanks OA for the drop in…always a pleasure.

Oliver says:

Very funny blog. I’ve never been married, and have never wanted to be, but now that I have Oliver I know for sure I don’t need to be. He’s the best! Happy dancing to you and Charly!

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