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{August 15, 2010}   One Blog Night…..

I have a friend who is in dire straits. This friend stands to lose everything she owns that she has worked hard to obtain. My friend is separating from her husband and losing her home at the same time. My friend has never been in this position before and is too proud to ask anyone for anything, she has been a big contributor to life and community and doesn’t deserve this fate. Someone needs to throw her a bone.  She doesn’t own a dog, but I think a dog would help her disposition and frame of mind during this time. I would offer her  my Charly-dog, but that might cause undue harm.

I don’t think anyone should lose anything except their mind once in a while. This person stands to lose her home. A home that she lived in for a long time and paid for with her blood,sweat, and many tears. She’s losing this domain because of a job loss. A job she held for many years with a company  that now thinks she is too old to be there anymore, only they don’t quite put it in those words. Downsizing do to economy.

I can’t speak for anyone else ( or can I?) but I am tired of that phrase flowing out of corporate HR’s like lava out of Kilauea’s Volcano.  My friend is in her late forties who looks ten years her junior and has kept herself fit and has the mind  and wit of a sassy pre-teen. Why wouldn’t a company want to keep someone like that on board  until death do them part? What can a corporate conglomerate’s hope to gain by hiring a newbie grad from  “Ivy League Du Jour” who belonged to Tap-a-New-a-Keg Frat house,and majored in “babes”?

  Oh, yeah, intro pay scale. Let’s get rid of the highly experienced high producers that made the company’s P&L  statement soar into the black abyss heading skyward on the line graph, and replace her with a Poly Sci major who’s bed time  ritual includes washing with Pro-active Skin care.

When will businesses wake up and realize that its the quality, integrity, and loyalty of the person they employ. This friend of mine runs circles around kids half her age all the while trying to explain to them the meaning of of the words work ethic. This woman has spent countless days training youngsters and explaining the mission statement of the company  based on credibility , reliability, and visions of the future. All this, of course, fell onto IPOD clad ears and thumb texting titans who parlayed their comments in anagrams.

 I had advised my girlfriend to do what I do with my teeage son when I need him to listen to me…..I download my instructions onto his ITunes and yell at him through Facebook. I have a Facebook account now. I actually had the account for months and didn’t know it. My daughter had set it up and posted photo’s of me on a wall without my consent. (Funny, I’ve had to sign consent forms for my children throughout their lives and now the role is reversed and their is no legal protection for Parents.)  I don’t know where my daughter found these photo’s of me, but they are the unedited versions. You know the ones with the distorted face or the close ups of the age spots and that lovely morning shot before you apply the Deep wrinkle cream. Facebook is a network that reaches into the vast unknown of society in an instant. I have picked up friends that I never knew existed and witnessed conversations that are for Mature Audiences Only. (That are written by the immature..).

I do admit though that I visit this site and I have conversed on it and I have posted my own photography.. I added Charly-dog.  I also contacted my friend in distress on this site and offered a ray of hope. I sent her a video of my dog’s first day with the professional dog trainer. The one where Charly is screaming his bobble head off while the trainer sits on him. The one where the yelps were at a decibel level that could break crystal. I also showed her my hand with the bite wound  from Charly that was bound up like a boxing mitt.

I  decided to take my Flip camera and give a tour of the potty stained carpet throughout the house and the furniture covered in pet hair and the scratch marks on the hardwood floors from the CLAWS of life. I added the one  video where I’m walking the puppy and he’s viciously  attempts to attack all passer-bys with me in tow.  I also sent her a subscription to my blog.

Funny..I heard form her and things had miraculously turned around for her. She sold her house, got a new hubby, and sent me a picture of her “new addition”.

 A  Dog………….  There is a light at the end of the choke collar…..

alls well that ends well huh?

Glad it all improved for her in the end.

You made a lot of sense in this post especially about “downsizing” 2 years ago I was “laid off” from a job I had been at for 7 years! They said that my position was being eliminated, yet as I was moving out they were moving the guy who just came back from Iraq back into my seat (literally….this really happened) then I was out of work for 8 months…..found a new job…hated it and my old job asked me back, but with less pay (about $5k less).

I am still there today under a different position title (and war boy is still sitting in my old seat) and recently they have been interviewing and hiring these “kids” straight out of college and replacing the old with the new….sooo sad.

One of your better posts imo.

Thanks Mr. Bassman! I am sorry for your experience. I still don’t understand corporates and the things the things they do to people…good people. So..on another note…..did your band produce cd’s???

Phil says:

I’m happy to see this episode ended well for your friend. It was good to read the follow-up.

Thanks Phil! It did and she’s lovin’ the dog!

Glad to read this had a happy ending.

im with you on this. I sympathise with your friend as well. Love the ending:)

Thanks for joining me today always a pleasure to have you drive by!

Great post, especially the happy ending!

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