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{February 21, 2011}   Blog up the Wrong Tree

I think what this world needs now is more Humor. I don’t care what form it comes in albeit sarcasm or just plain bad jokes, but humor is needed now more than ever. I am not seeing people laugh anymore.  I am seeing them smirk, criticize, over opinion-ate, and completely turn an innocent generic non judgemental conversation and make it about THEM. They seem to be void of the humor gene.  My puppy has more of a sense of humor than most people now days. At least Charly-dog gets my jokes and actually barks out a laugh or two. My dog can decipher between a true belly-jiggler and a sarcastic wit blaster.

I think where some of the problem lies is in the translation or should I state the MODE of translation.  Trying to text some dry wit doesn’t get the result you intended; it gets you a reply that has you defending your response in the first place. It has you apologizing for making light of a nonsense issue. It has you going to St. James Cathedral and confessing to Father Mike about the sarcastic joke you made via text to a friend and finding that the Padre lacks a sense of Godly humor and sends you to the alter with ten Hail Mary’s and four Our Fathers…Oh lord, I was not laughing and texting in church. “Oh Bless me father for I have sinned it has been…………..INFINITY since my last confession.

Today I text a response to a friend about an ecumenical topic concerning snow and I was met with a bellicose back-talk instead of some gut-giggling.“.. How does one incorporate an intonation into their text? Did I neglect to add a smiley icon? Should LOL be included at the end of the sentence? Should we all start off our techno-conversations with a disclosure to be E-signed and returned? Ergo the receiving party has been for warned that thus text may contain joking that could cause one to possibly lighten up…LOL..:)…oh God help me.

I don’t know what sets someone off on the wrong foot in the morning ( or evening, depending on their job shift), but I feel that people are very tightly wound….no matter what their age is. I understand the emphatic determined youth who are out to take over the world with gusto, and I get the pre-middle age conglomerate who have been controlling the world, and I am nearing the the Gen-O ( octogenarian) generation so I get them too. But what I don’t get is where the humor went. I know everyone needs a good laugh in life and I know everyone has had to have at least one in their life, but I am seeing less and less of this and more stress and strife. I see folks getting more pithy-offed than Paradisiacal. Even if it’s over a phone line. Via text. Not very nice Text-etiquette.. textiquette…

Hmmm gives me an idea. I’ll text Father Mike my confession’s…. maybe he’ll go easy on the penance…I’ll become the Penitent-etiquette Woman.

I totally know what you mean about sense of humor today, and pets. My goldfish never laughs at any of my jokes, which are, I promise you, very funny. He just looks at me with a blank expression, like I’m an idiot. Then I lose all my confidence as a joke teller.

So, not only is he not funny, he ruins other people’s senses of humor too.

Maybe that’s the problem with the world… too many goldfish.

Your goldfish is lacking a spine…..unless you’re referring to Pepperidge Farm……..

spread the humor..

Now that you mention it, he did come in a white bag I found in aisle 7 at Stop and Shop.

OK stop it ,you’re killing me…..Haven’t come across a truly funny person in years…..Might split a gut……fish.

spread the humor.

SL Jones says:

I totally agree with this post.

There should be more laughter and less righteous indignation.

Though I suppose the problem is that you might send a text to someone in a jokey mood, but they could have just lost their job or poked their finger through the toilet paper. So they may not be as receptive to the humour as you would like. Still, people should lighten up – We’re all going to be maggot food one day!

You have made me laugh …..a feat not easily attainable! And I thank you Mr.(?) Jones…………….

Spread the Humor:

SL Jones says:

Glad to hear it. Indeed it is Mr SL Jones.

Meeee and Mr….Mr… Jones…Mr. Jones…Mr. Jones…..
we gotta thiinnngg going on……LOL

I enjoy your writing. spread the humor!

Charly . . . happy to have stumbled by your place. My observation on the state of humankind today mirrors yours. Seems that 15 years ago, folks hiding behind monitors coined the internet age phrase “flame” and used it often and effectively. Now I find many bloggers to be more congenial, however way too many refuse to assume the lighthearted position of seeing and/or feeling the humorous side of things they might be responding to. Folks are tightly wound. Collectively, we’re not in Kansas anymore. Even so, what does it hurt to assume the bright side in our networking and personal relationships. You are right on, Charly. Keep it up!

Maybe we should “Surrender Dorothy”…..LOL. Thank you and please: Spread The Humor!

theteachingwhore says:

Charly–I LOVE the design of your blog, but my eyes are too damn old–I can’t read that neon print!!! (Maybe you could offer an alternate viewing option for old people like me).

LMAO..I am older than you!! I will have one sent to your email. Or I’ll go thru them all and change them back to B&W.
Thank you for the comment!
Spread the humor:

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