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{February 24, 2011}   Why Title a Blog

I saw a writing contest featured on someone’s Blog that offered a $100 first prize award to the winner. You can only enter if you are a member of this site and also contribute a $25 entrance fee…..hmmmmm…..let’s see….after subtracting the member’s and entrance fee’s that should leave me with about a $50 profit.There’s another glitch in this Cloud Computing arena, albeit, they provide the topic. The topic is Courage. They also supply you with some hints and directional blurbs to get you started on your merry writing way.

I always hated it when  I was in school and the teacher would hand out writing assignments and she would always provide the topic.   AND then, when the task was completed we had to sit through class listening to thirty-five variations on the same theme. They all sounded the same: Courage and the Firefighter, Courage and the war, Courage to master a two wheeler….. My essay? Courage in a Bottle.  I wrote about how a lawyer found true grit in his Glenlivet.

That was the third time that I  spent the afternoon in the principal’s office.  Sister Carmalita confiscated my paperwork and grabbed me by my over-sized navy hand-me-down- button -down and marched me to Father O’ Banion’s office. He told me to “be seated” ( no not on his lap…) and then questioned me about my research and knowledge backround for this essay.  I expressed my views directly to him about my parent’s basement bar and the allotment of figureheads that were entertained there. My essay included a highlight of my mother throwing a Supreme Court Justice and a head Prosecutor off her front steps after showing up at 2:00 a.m.  Personally I thought that took a lot of courage,  considering the person involved was wearing a pink frilly nightgown. ( you take a guess). There were many times I snuck out of my bed and wandered to the top of the stairs to witness flagrant behaviors of forty-something adults wallowing in the divine Spirits…….of scotch. I watched all the great courage being mustered by most couples as they attempted to climb the stairs to find a bathroom.

Father O’Banion read my essay silently to himself as he held his finger against his chin and making “tsk” noises every other minute.  I sat there sweating in my knee length-make sure it touches the floor when you genuflect, plaid skirt. I sat on my hands until there were pleat marks pressed into my palms spelling out “you’re going to hell”. I sat there in “tsk” silence trying not to stare at him for fear he would look up from his Bifocals and his magnified eyeballs would glare at me causing me to start laughing. Which would result in a phone call to the parents. So I mastered the art of Silence by conjuring up all my courage and focus my gaze on the shelf behind his desk.  I scanned the leather bound books as they were neatly arranged in a Pious-like order and titled appropriately for the venue. I studied the shelves up and down and left and right; making a sign of the cross with my brown peepers. Everything appeared copasetic-ally Catholic including the decanted red vino on a silver serving tray that looked half empty.

  Father O put the essay down and saw my eyes staring off behind him at the latest discovery on his book shelf. He stared into my face with his broken capillary cheeks flapping a lecture about proper behavior for a girl my age. And then it hit me. I recognized those redden cheeks. Those cheeks belong to a be-spectacled face, that wore a priests collar, that held a Johnny Walker straight ,that was poured in the Bar that DAD built.

I love courage, it comes in all forms, shapes, sizes, and denominations. Oh and it also comes in Blackmail……………..Folks we have our winner!

I get the feeling you really enjoy yourself when you’re writing these posts. That’s good: why should we have all the fun?

By the way, I named you for the Stylishly Versatile Blogger Award. Sort of.

Bronxboy(lying about 55…)……Thank you for all your sentiment you are starting to make my blush smear….

yes, I do have fun and enjoy this and ,mostly….I thought I was the only one laughing.

Thank you for all the wonderful comments, you fill me with more support than my Maiden Form under-wire…..

spread the humor.

I thought your story was going to end with you being Keyser Soze. Even though it didn’t, I still thought it was pretty good.

LMAO…..That was one of my favorite movies…..and characters..and I do thank you, I find that comparison a compliment….

Read more..

spread the humor:

sv; hehe, thanks for your comment! I also love her =)

Thanks for hitting my blog… visit my previous entries and they are DOG & Puppy induced!!

spread the humor:

Good read..and love the theme of your blog.

Thank you for the comment! Feel free to read on…..

spread the humor:

cooper says:

thanx for stopping by…we’re always open!!! kewl blog here…

Thank you cooper! And I’ll stop in more frequently instead a short drive by…..

spread the humor:

Hah! Great story, Charly. Keep up the great work. And thanks for visiting my blog. 🙂

Thank you Daily Dish! I will keep visiting, but I may put on a few pounds while doing so…..

spread the humor & read on…

Sounds like it could be con. lol
Ever the opportunists.

Thanks, I thought that too, but I think if that were the case the entrance fee would be sky high!

Thanks for your comment.
spread the humor:

Ah, from the mouth of Babes! A child knows hypocrisy when they see it even if they don’t know the word. That’s HYSTERICAL. Love it. Great post. I am still laughing… Truth really IS stranger than fiction :).

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your comments. I am as happy as a clam at High tide right now to know that you actually took the time to enjoy my blog. I write about my life and humor with a slight twist of sarcasm……
my motto: Spread The Humor!

De Nada. It’s a great motto. We can always use a little more laughter in our lives. Yes!!!

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