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{March 7, 2011}   Blog-wash

I just realized you’re only as good as your last Blog. What if you have Blogger’s Block and you can’t produce anything clever or not clever. You don’t want to just post anything that comes from your blogger brain, it might not catch the blog surfers fancy and it  could get overlooked for that special award of being freshly pressed.  Plus, you don’t want it to be too BLAH-g.

I have read the featured articles that won the Oscar for best in Blog and I do have to commentate that they are talented Bloggers. Where I do feel the unrest is in the comment Box.  Most fellow tagger’s seem reluctant to express what they truly think about the piece.

I think most the replies are subject to a little site kissing and blogging smoke up ones keister.  That’s fine, this is blogging America and climbing the blog ladder can require certain tasks to get to the top rung.

I understand the salutations for a nice piece blogged, but does every comment really state the truth?  Where have all the critic’s gone that tear down your blog in order to build it up better? Isn’t that the angst needed for a blogger to feel complete in his blogging and possibly better their blog.  If every article is met with such nettiquette and politically correct praise, well then, we must all be Nobel winners and hold the Edgar, or Campbell, or Eisner, or Wolf-woof award.

My favorite comment artists are the ones that miss the humor and delineate on the quasi factual artifacts that they try so desperately to dig up and serve on a silver Blog platter. Is it a Blogger’s bone of contention to elicit responses that benefit and build the Blogger’s ego or is it that any comment is better than no comment……Does it hurt our  braggadocio if a negative reply crosses our Blog?

If we feel the offense of a constructive sarcastic comment should we slap that scribble across the Blog-face , or retreat with our Blog between our legs.  Or maybe,we  should graciously accept the bold blog critique and wear that reply proudly across our Blog like a coat -of -blog-arms.  I prefer the diversity of an honest comment, it just brings out the best in me. It’s like fuel to the fire, or a fire under a frying pan, or pot calling the kettle black (whatever that means). So what if someone has a flea in their ear, gets a rise, and foams at the keyboard and puts your knickers in a twist; It’s all in good jest.

  I hope.

We blog to vent, we blog to create, we blog for blog sake, and we blog to get freshly pressed. I read somewhere that if you use the same word continuous throughout your Blog it gets tracked and pinged and thrown out into the cyberspace for millions to view. Just count the BLOG’s in this creation….

Isn’t blogging a quagmire of everyone’s life and thoughts that are steamed into the public diary of the WEB only to have Critics Iron out their Freshly pressed wrinkles.  Ohhhh… giggity-giggity. Spread the Humor.

the777man says:

LOL! I have to admit, I am one of those who reply with positive… but I reply with positive details. If I don’t like what you have written or posted… I leave NO comment, no I leave no comment at all! It is like if I don’t like it I just leave! I have done this to many a Freshly pressed and others too!

One thing that I have noticed that might make it easier to read your blog and I am guilty of this one as well is adding paragraphs with more what I call white space, but or negative space or blank space…Whatever you want to call it. The blank area of the page is as important as the typed word in your message. Yes I am an artist, and even studied calligraphy… White space is so so important!

sportsattitudes says:

I try to be as happy when someone disagrees with a point I am making as when they agree -if they would take the time to read AND comment – but there is no doubt most of the commenters are on the positive side so you do wonder about the dissenters. And I do agree with Kim you can certainly feel you are only as good as your last blog anyway…but you just have to go for it and have fun with it.

Kim says:

It’s true that your blog’s only as good as your latest entry :S

Thanks for Flying charlywalker!

spread the humor:

I like to read what’s honest and from the heart. It needs to be well written and have a certain rhythm to it but apart from that the sky is the limit. It doesn’t have to be filled with facts unless you are going to write on something that requires them.

I would make a personal request that you ditch the small, light print. But then at my age that is to be expected.

Thank you for your comment, you are the 3rd person to point that out, whose over 50….
There are Font features available on computers to enlarge text over 200%…..
it’s 50/50…give and take….I will work on my font for you. pinky promise.

spread the humor:

As one of the very recently Freshly Pressed masses (to whom you commented – which, frankly, is why I am here!) I do agree that many of the comments are similar and somewhat uninspired. I had a few people disagree with a detail or two from my FP post, and I have had some contention about opinions one or two other posts, and I am fine with that. I would rather hear that than hear “Good post.”, which makes me suspect that certain people just wanted to leave a link to their site…
Speaking of blog sites: yours is interesting, but my one criticism is that I find the print difficult to read. My vision is fine. Small, single spaced, pale print on a dark background is hard on the eyes, in my opinion.

Thank you for driving by, I agree with you, especially about the fluorescent font, I will try to clean that up and display it on a better surface…
Oh, and congrats by the way on your FP! It was good. No, really, it was…..I mean it….sincerely……

spread the humor.

Well, this blog was nothing but a pile of dried up chicken feet stirred into a pot of unfiltered soy milk. I wouldn’t trade a bucket of pencil shavings or my shredded newspaper collection for this mercantilist propaganda! And while I’m at it, the person who writes this blog wouldn’t know 1950s be-pop jazz trombonists from medieval Venetian mosaicists even if someone handed her my handsomely bound, lavishly illustrated, full color book on the subject (only 29.99 at your neighborhood book store)!

There, I tried to make up for the lack of criticism to date. I wish more people would leave rude and hyper-critical comments on my blog. Oh well. I’ll take the praise.

I’m going to check out your blog just because you used the word “mercantilist”.

I truly wish I could take credit for that but that came from Old ancestor’s choppers………..

It was the randomest thing my brain kicked up at that particular moment.

Yup, that’s how I market my blog. Appeal to history majors.

If anyone cares, I also do obscure architecture terms. Groin vault, anybody? How about rustication? Pendentive?

You have a daily word calender at your desk.

Marry Me……

spread the humor.

That would be a pretty lame calendar!

No, I just have one of those brains that has endless storage for arcane terms I learned in college but no sense beyond that.

Well, with all sincerity, your brain is well equipped. I really think you need to publish a book…and I am not blowing smoke up your blog.

Why thank you. You’re not a famous publishing company, by any chance, are you?

Ohhh…you wish. Please, take a compliment while I can still hand them out…

barb19 says:

Charley – I was inspired reading your post, because I feel exactly the same. I would love to see some constructive criticism on my blog because it will help me improve my writing and become a better blogger. I want to know where I am going wrong so that I can improve it.
I am with you – we need to be more truthful in our comments to each other.

Thank you for flying charlywalker….
P.S. Love your doggies… read back about 70 blogs and you’ll come across my puppy episodes….which launched this quasi career…..LOL
spread the humor.

lauriecag says:

you are funny, girl. i tweeted & added your link to (see sidebar blogs 2 make u 🙂 )

Thank you from the bottom of my Blog heart…. read the other 73 posts and tell me if you feel the same…

spread the humor!

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