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{March 23, 2011}   Oh For Blog’s Sake

When people write about their inner most thoughts or possibly about something they experienced (or didn’t) in life, they are exhibiting freedom of expression.  When I read a piece about a tragic event I am emotionally moved to tears, but if a spark of light can reach  that tragedy and turn the fears or tears to smiles that could instill hope and possibly give someone their last bit of laughter, would such a person be considered as heartless as the Tin Man before he met Dorothy on her way to OZ? I would never leave someone  out in the rain all night….unless it were my teenage  son who said he would be home from his party by midnight but showed up at the door at 1:37 a.m……AND, the only reason he was allowed to go in the first place was because he said he finished his homework, which I located  later  hidden in the abyss of his designer back pack crumpled into a form that resembles toe tissues you remove from  a new pair of Jimmy Choo’s.

I have seen a lot of fear on tragic faces of folks I’ve never met and had to console their tears of fear and sedate their high anxiety.  If you ever worked in an E.R. or an O.R. you have experienced the highs and lows of  a human’s emotional tolerance level.  I have seen high power executives shrink in their suits to have a thorn removed from their paw. I watched toddlers go under the knife and wake up refreshed searching for their Teddy Ruxpin’s to play with instead of crying out their complaints. Most  of the things I have witnessed in these departments have me suppressed by the HIP(PA) and I  am bound by not being able to expound.  I did find  though, while working in this eclectic paced environment it did host some of the most unusual suspects of employees, and the one commonality was that most everyone contained an innate sense of off the wall humor,sarcasm, wit, or Irony. Even the most prestigious department heads housed a Humorus funny bone under his/her scrubs.

Now the question lies with how does one not let that cutting edge harden the emotional arteries of a truly compassionate person. And, at what level of wit and retort do we consider a comment to be snide or funny?  In the cartoon world we laugh when the Anvil drops on the head of Wile E. Coyote  and watch him pop back up like an accordion unaffected by the crushing incident. He just stands there blinking eyes of revenge holding his anvil in his hands.  Can a funny remark to someone in distress act like a crushing blow or could the humor help them forget their angst and make them rise above the pain.  I found in most cases within the arena of urgent care ,people have felt the humor at some point while in a position of dire straits.  I am not saying that protocol demands a stand up comic to meet and greet and tend to the adversity, but humor is a mandatory and beneficial gene in order to “carry on” in certain tragic situations.  One setting called for an entire team to retrieve 27 raisins from an octogenarian’s nose. These little dried fruities were impacted in his nostrils almost to the point of no return.

Well, I bet you’re wond’rin how I knew how those raisins hopped into those dual openings, Well, I found out yesterday, about the plan that almost turned him blue: The grandpa was babysitting his grandsons and fell asleep in his recliner snoring like a dead madman, and the kids were just about to lose their minds. So the tots decided to stuff those little stinkers up grand daddy’s snout to silence the up-roar because the snoring interrupted their watching cartoons.

Sometimes it is very difficult to maintain a professional stance when  the dance of the Kellogg’s  raisinettes are staring you in the face with Marvin Gaye crooning through your head.   You know a health professional ain’t suppose to cry, but the tears I couldn’t hold inside, I asked POPS if he has a problem with snoring and sleep apnea.  Gasping in between  his breaths he stated: “how did you know?”.

“Oh. Dontcha know?  I heard it through the grapevine…”

He snorted out the remaining 20 raisins that were still hiding….

It took me by surprise, I must say…………..

And you thought this was a sensitive compassionate piece. Sometimes you just have to reach for the oil can…………..

Honey, honey….yeah.

We all know that trite saying, if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry. I am a firm believer in that. Others maybe not so much. But it helps me get through any and all situations, the good, the bad, the ugly raisins. For ex, death is usually filed under “not funny” but when my dad died, my brothers and I joked quite a bit about him at his funeral. Sure we were completely devastated but we also found ourselves clinging to the funny side of things just to get through an unbelievably crushing event. I don’t see anything wrong with that (my dad would have been the first one to joke and laugh about his own death) Life is basically tragic and funny at the same time.

Heidi says:

Debbie and I, before we earned our gate guard degree, used to train nurses and admin for health care…you know, the dreaded CEU’s?
We would have paid your tuition fee for the opportunity to plant you in the class and quip a bit!

Thank you so much for visiting our blog so that I could find yours. Will definitely be back. Great talent here!

“but humor is a mandatory and beneficial gene in order to “carry on” in certain tragic situations.”


Amen….and thanks for visiting again….always a pleasure..I’m just sorry I couldn’t offer you a cup of coffee..

spread the humor.

I echo barb19. I wish I could sleep well enough to have a box of sunmaid emptied into my nasal passages.

As for making jokes in stressful or traumatic situations, I guess it depends on the joker and the subject. I threw my back out two years ago and had to go to the ER, and the cop who first arrived on the scene was making all kinds of wise cracks, leaning over me, saying things like, “Whatsa matter, buddy? No sense of humor today?” and so on. Not helpful.

I think they were a generic brand…they didn’t have the plumpness of Sunmaid….maybe a little air seeped through..

Oh, I’m sorry for your experience, but there is only one reason a cop accompanies your injury… is it you threw your back out again???

barb19 says:

27 raisins up his nose? How on earth could he have slept through that? The mind boggles, but thanks for the laugh!

With his mouth open….ever experience a plugged nose? We call it alternative orafices…LOL
Glad you enjoyed the laugh, that was the intention… and thanks for dropping in.

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