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{April 12, 2011}   The Blog Less Traveled

Is this venue a Blogularity contest of folks competing to be the best in Blog or is this just a case of diarrhea of the diatribe.  If someone were genuinely writing to express their emotions on, say, such subjects as motherhood or fatherhood, in hopes that their editorial would bequeath down to their offspring as a little light reading of parental aspirations….well…It just makes me reach for another round of Pomegranite Martini’s.  How much can a person endure and or find interesting of someones cutsie Kid anecdote,  Rumball remedies, or how one managed to be the greatest “whatever” they can be.  After scanning the Blog waves I have truthfully found that my attention span can not endure paragraphs that contain T.M.I. (Too Many Idio-syncrazies)   Some posts have me at Hello and some have lost me at the Title.

Maybe the blogging’s are individualized because they are vented around a personal genre that only the Blog-head that wrote them can understand or *get*.  oohh help me Obi- Blog-Kanobi…..

I *get* the posts displaying food, in fact, I get those cuisine commentaries so much that I put on ten pounds just drooling over them.  They are so life like that I cut and copy the articles and paste them onto my families dinner plates. If there were an aroma tab in the drop down menu I’d have it made…..

I *get* Blog-fomercials that instruct on the adversity of  the diversity of Chiropractic care of an unused clavicle and the pro’s and con’s of Transformer’s vs. Toy story.  I understand clicking on a useful site to gain pertinent info that might be useful to  our Blog alignment yet  can also carry us back to our childhood action figures. What I fail to *get* is the bait-n-switch routine once my mouse has clicked into the vast unknown.  Some of the deceptiveness has risen it’s ugly blog and turned into an advertisement for something that should enhance my life and enlarge my milieu. If I had one….a milieu that is…..

I *get* the ramblin’ blog who’s insight ,via their own eyesight, is the never ending story that temporarily perks my interest at The End.  I know love and life are hard…so are the other four letter words…….

I *get* the Sci-Fi and Mad Hatter routines using anonymous fillers for entertainment value to coerce a firing of rapid responses.  I’ll even throw in the Techno crowd-pleasers with their abundance of orchestrated graphics and pie charts.  ummm..pie (chart)..makes me want to return to the Food Blogwork…..

I *get* the poetry section?  Well I try to.  I can barely follow the alliteration of Dr. Suess‘ One Fish..Two Fish… I know that has a deeper meaning attached to it some where located on the Discovery channel.  I can follow the Blog-alligory  set in motion by the ingenious minds  masked behind a comic relief.  I GET humor. What I don’t get is someone so far removed that they don’t *get* the GET.  That could be a diagnostic dilemma in the getter or the getee….Hmm this proses a problem.

I *get* the travel section and reading about expeditions and exotic camping equipment , it’s riveting and has me on the edge of my Blog and makes me want to jump into an action packed Wrangler toward the end of the horizon. Although the scenic one’s that picture white sandy beaches and a coral reef  keeps me in a trance until my stomach growl’s…..which makes me return to the Food blog network…

I *get* the Kid’s periodicals on their growth charts and the parental expletives of the undertakings of their underlings.  I am particularly fond of the ghost writer posing as Dr. Spock, who blog-ly goes where no one has  blogged before.  I’d like to review those credentials….ohh were makin’ Wookieeee…

I *get* Humor.  The  Good,   The Bad, or The  Ugly….I *get* it.  The left brain function is logical enough to disentangle  the right brain creative force enabling the egghead to look at the whole picture in detailed funny.  Some folks can’t grasp the different depths of Funny…Lot’s of people are Off The Wall……Take Humpty Dumpty for instance…even he cracked up.

Well, if I had my say, which I do because this is my venue where I stand too tall in my platform shoes; I believe  most reader’s contain a humorous bone in their skeletal Blog. Even if the writings are subject(ive) to one’s own mind using a Forced energy to  Sabor our  thoughts throughout the Ja-wa sisterhood.

MUMBO-JUMBO NUMBER FIVE…..a little bit of blogging in my life…

Remarkable piece of writing. Where did you acquired all the information from

Ohh..I dunno..just comes to me when I’m in the bathroom….

Phil says:

LOL! 😀

thx…LOL back at ya! That was a retort to a spam comment lol

Phil says:

That’s why I enjoyed it so much. 😉

watches says:

Hello there! Good post! But the webpage has been loading slowly.

Sometimes I wish I could turn off the stats – that way I don’t look at it as having a *good or *bad day. It’s funny how much you can obsess over something (in my case) that doesn’t matter in the slightest.

The reason why I started the blog had nothing to do with blog stats or comments, but once you get a few – you crave more. It’s kind of a vicious circle sometimes.

It’s nice to cyber-meet you!

SandySays1 says:

Ahhhhh, CW, you are a sage, maybe in a past life you were the Oracle at Delphi! Reading all those blogs proves one thing, doesn’t it? We sure are different!

Thank you for dropping in. Sage is one of my favorite colors and herbs…..
Love your doggie pic.

SL Jones says:

For some reason I feel like yelling ‘PREACH ON SISTER’ after reading this blod post! Awesome work.

Jackie Paulson 1966 says:

I like to learn new things, so commenting and reading others blogs are so exciting for me. Reading is my hobby. I get why others blog the way they do. Rules of blogger, who says?! 🙂 I just move on if a blog is about games.

I get the personal stuff and the fan stuff and the hater stuff, although my family blog is invite only – for family to know what we far-flung folks are up to. The one blog I really don’t get, and perhaps it’s because I have never been for more than a minute, is Perez Hilton’s blog. I mean, I guess if you have a laptop you’re willing to take with you to the can.

You’re pithy. I get that too (even if it’s at my (type’s) expense.

I don’t get the hate-spewer blogs that get huge clicks.

Got me….must be 12 angry men…or women..

I hope so. I’m not sure though, with all the nasty comments I see on yahoo all the time.

Ha! You make me laugh. If you could copy and paste the pictures of food onto their dinner plates! haha. Still laughing. I wish I could do that too! Thanks for checking out my blog! Glad I found yours 🙂

So true. I love your last line about the Ja-wa sisterhood! I think of blogs (I hope not my own) that I’ve had to reread several times to get their point. I always like the humor. Adding you to my blog roll. . . NOW! Have a great day!

Well shoot, first post I read on your blog and quite frankly love it. Food blogs are a yes, humor= yes, and your writing about poetry blogs.. Hilarious.
Keep up the good work! I’m hooked.

First-time visitor here.

For sure – blogs come in many forms, shapes, sizes, and varieties. Some posts are long, others short. Some blogs have specialties, others eclectic. Some are daily, others weekly. Bottom line – something for all – even the selective.

I’d have to check with you here. Which is not something I normally do! I enjoy reading a post that will make citizen think. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!

Thanks so much for visiting my ‘Careann’s Musings’ blog today via Freshly Pressed. I love meeting new people here in cyberspace. As a writer I keep my blog’s focus mostly on writing, but I post on other topics, too. I’ve enjoyed having a peek at your blog. Not sure I can add anything to your discourse, mind you, but I like the way you think! 🙂

I love/hate surfing different blogs. I love that there is such a vast variety of topics. I love reading the funny, the sad, and the crazy (my personal fave). I love “meeting” new people and sharing in their lives. I hate when they’re talented (a majority of them are). It makes me feel inferior. I usually only enjoy blogs that make me feel better about my life (I kid, of course).
Thanks for stopping by.

I get those cuisine commentaries so much that I put on ten pounds just drooling over them.

Actually, since drooling is a physical activity, you would lose weight. Not 10 lbs though – the loss is negligible. 🙂

Walter says:

You speak my language.

Yes……nice to meet you?

thanks for stopping in…I’ll leave the screen light on for ya.

spread the humor.

I *get* it and I loved it. Especially the Mambo #5 reference. Haven’t done a lot of searching around to read blogs, can’t even remember how I found yours, but some of the ones I have read, are, well, kinda strange.

sportsattitudes says:

Love to surf the huge, “wild-west” world of the blogosphere and find those little nuggets of knowledge and entertainment within.

“nuggets of knowledge”…makes me hungry…..

Thanks for dropping in.

I look at blogging as like talking to the person you find yourself seated next to on an airplane ride. You have no idea what you’re going to get, but when you find yourself next to someone really cool — it can make the whole trip more enjoyable, and stay in your memory for a long time.

Spectra says:

I like that answer.

I take what I want and leave the rest. One thing we can count on…we all have our critics.

I love a good critic… goes well with dip..

Thanks for the drive by..

Phil says:

You can’t always get what you want.
But if you try sometime, well you just might find,
You get what you need…

That kind of sums up my blog surfing experience. Keep on writing, I like the way your mind works.

Usually it’s not nice to throw Stones…….but yours I like…

Thanks for the drive by….

spread the humor.

Bernie says:

You are better than me. Some of the blogs I don’t get. I just can’t relate. I’m happy that the folks have people who do relate and enjoy their posts,I just skim them. As I’m sure people do with my blog as well.

I think we are all guilty of refurbishing our Evelyn Wood reading dynamics skills…

Thanks for the visit..

jollof says:

I enjoyed your perspective. Are you sure this was comprehensive enough for a bloganalysis? Hmmm…probably was or maybe I’ll just ask Blog-Kanobi. Thumbs up!

I get it! Walk tall dear blogger!

Thank You Burning Bridges…..thanks for the drop in…always a pleasure.

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