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{April 27, 2011}   Lock, Stock, and Blog

I like checking my blog stats and I want to thank all of you that have taken the time to drive by and park it for a minute or two…. I  especially want to thank every blogger that took the time to leave a comment even if it made me jam on the breaks and manage a head -on into my dashboard.   That collision made me re-think what exactly is the sole purpose of having a Bar graph to size up the amount of viewers who possibly read, but mostly skimmed through one’s material.  I fancy a Bar that can graph two points  of vodka and  one point vermouth to meet in the center of my open triangle glass.

My Graph looks exactly like the results of my last stress test, It’s either over the top in jubilation or barely audible teetering on the  DNR line, ready to activate the code blue team.  Maybe a little mountain dew will help. (Oh wait , for those who don’t Get that, it’s about a Code Red Drink…).  Maybe I should pull my blog over to the side-bar; I might be tagged with a WUI. Writing Under the Influence…

My stats have sunk to an all time low and are in need of a little CPR, (collective public reading), and I only have myself to blame. It has been difficult to jostle my brain and center some assembled thoughts due to an unexpected situation which I can’t bring myself to write about………just yet.  I pulled the emergency stop and let Charlywalker off at a local stop to try and catch another passing blog.  Maybe to tackle some fresh air or use the bathroom, albeit that today’s local  Rapid Transit seem to be missing toilets.  It’s interesting to see the dramatic drop in the charts when one is M.I.A.  and lacking words to press onward. My bar graph fell below the poverty line which leads me to believe that this avenue of exploitation is limited and contains boundaries that do not extend past the freshly pressed crowd.

When I surf  the turf  and leave a reply or five, I notice the Bar has risen and the hits just keep on coming, but if one does not pass the days responding to other posts, the towering lines falter and your blog becomes yesterday news and too Blog(se).  Everyone wants a fresh piece to stimulate the blog brain, and ,who really takes the time to read and review older posts?  How far back will readers go on a site until they have seen enough to satisfy their curiosity.  This is not a venue that has a beginning, middle, and end, this is a continuum of  daily blurbs to enlighten or heighten our day.  Our stats report the daily dose of drive -bys, but do not forecast the future of long time devotees.  Our bar height is in the hands of fellow readers who hold the power with  the click of a Like button.

I would Like to express that when my graph is at it’s peak it is thrilling to know that a chosen few are possibly enjoying what is being written;  I’d hate to think that the visit was just a ploy to boost ratings or a self promotion via bootlegging a more popular blog.  Some replies have a response that are longer than their initial blog entry for the day.  I found I needed to take a coffee break in order to finish reading them…….which then led to a future bathroom break…..which ultimately led to an unscheduled stop.

My stats graph may be under par, but it is still colored in with incredible folks who I have never met yet display great character in their being. I can tell this because my graph is highlighted in neon and it glows.  I know when a Soul has dipped into my blog and pounds the wood-gated entrance onto my dashboard.  I can feel when someone Makes that Face reading my blog and getting the Jones -on in order to Spin liberals and drop an Anvil on the blog-heads. This is just One Mixed Bag of terrific people that help my Bar stool reach new heights and I say thank you to all of your compiled Random Thoughts that help me see the Maniac in me and to start again with A Clean Surface.  Gee I hope I didn’t Burn any Bridges….ohhh What The Fluffy……I’ll just belly -up to the Bar.

Still trying to spread the humor.

zencity says:

Since you’re blog is the funniest and, I happen to be a photo editor . . . I will gladly send you a cleaned up version of your picture and photoshop you a gravatar from it if you would like! Let me know.

I will be sending you all my photo’s for the last ten years…lol..they all need photo shop! Thank you..I would be honored! Thanks for the drop in.

Hi Sexy Charly…How did I know this? Well you write sexy so stifle thy tongue and bow gracefully to his flirt, hehehe!

What ever is bothering you, you’ll write about it when it’s the right time. However, there are things we can do here to raise your bars, lol (imaging what you’re thinking now haha.

We can play ping-pong with each others posts. You write wonderfully, expressing sharp intelligence combined with humor and wit. Your work is really high quality and I like it immensely. This isn’t time to reach for your triangle glass…it’s time for you to write. I’ll stay tuned close at hand 😉

Mush-Mush; Chop-Chop! Happy Saturday! 🙂

Ohh thank you Honorable Charlie-son…..

I haven’t played Ping-Pong in years….

Heidi says:

Really nice to see someone blog about the BAR! I have stopped looking as I went from 300 to 4 in one week. I am writing about making amends, but still…. However, it’s bounced back again. I did find a wordpress bit about some financial management sites that are really spam hits, so the bar isn’t actually accurate. Somehow it seems taking an average and throwing out the top numbers is closer to reality. Hmmm. Keep up the good work. We’re here- at least some of the time! hehe

Hello Heidi. When you’re feeling uninspired then it’s time to read other blogs. Posting comments helps you to be engaged. My blog I wrote this morning took me 45 minutes to create, and it followed immediately after a post I read where the woman posted about her unable to sleep at night. I became inspired by her words, commented to her, and wrote my blog. It’s very cool. Happy Saturday to you. 🙂

Thanks for stopping in and raising my Bar! And thanks for the Spam info, I never thought of that!

Glad to see your blog back on my email; was worried you might be gone for a long while. Hope things are brightening up for you!!

Thanks Renee, always a pleasure to have you drop in. Things are slowly progressing and trying to get the “Blog” out…lol

I’m pretty suspicious of mindless click counters. I have no idea who reads my blog except for the people who leave regular comments (and you know who you are). The other clicks could be dozens and sometimes hundreds of voiceless readers, or it could be some cyber hiccup.

I write it for me and the people who enjoy it, whatever number that may be.

Thanks OA for the drop in..I like having regulars in my Bar (graph)…

Charly, maybe u need a reality show stint on Survivor to ease some stress. I hope you win. 😉

Charly…my life is a reality show…don’t need the paparazzi…LOL Thanks for the comment.

Hello Ancestor –

We should have little concern over the readers who don’t comment. Let’s get chop-choppin’ and engage the readers who do respond. Those are the players I wish to hang out with. 😉 Have a good Saturday. 🙂

barb19 says:

Nice to see you here again Charley – I’ve missed your sharp wit! Hope things are improving for you.

Thanks Barb for stopping in. Things are slowly perking up!

You express thoughts that I’ve had about my stats, as well. I come to your site when you have a new post…but I only discovered your post recently. I like your style and sharp wit.

Because I have a theme, I am committed to sticking with it. It allows freedom to write a number of different types of postings, but I decided that I want quality not quantity. So, Charlywalker, I know I’ve been true to the “quantity” part…I only want to post if I truly have my theme at heart.

It’s been nigh on impossible for me to determine why some sites did very well. Plus old sites that are visited frequently – still – did not have a high readership at the time of posting.

Before you head to the loo…I’m done! 😀

LOL…LOO….I love it, made me chuckle..thanks! Nice to see you again.

I can never figure out what stimulates hits and am always glad when someone leaves a comment.When I first noticed the stats I think for a bit I tried writing to increase them, then reality hit. Blogging gives me a chance to express me. I am always happy to have an audience but more importantly I have a few, like yours that I always read.

Thanks for dropping by again, Chris…always a pleasure.

Hey. Just glad you’re back in one piece. You haven’t lost your cutting edge writing style so just do what you do and it will all come back to life.

Thanks LB! I’m trying. I’m waiting for my Perk to start bubbling again in the coffee pot..

Phil says:

Hey! I can always link your blog entries to my blog so you’ll have immediate access to tens of… er… um… well, tens of additional readers that come by and visit dozens of times per um… oh… … (ahem), well at least a few times a year. Yes ma’am, together we can rule the internets!


Now you’re talking , Phil…LOL Thanks for the drop in..

Hahaha Phil. Tens are better than ones, eh?! She’s so worth linking up to. Lots to say and a great way of saying it. Have a good Saturday. 🙂

Bernie says:

I’m glad your back. I hope that whatever is going on with you will be resolved soon.
When running around poking at blogs its not often I find one I want to subscribe to. Yours was one I was hooked on when I first read it. I’m so glad that you are back and I look forward to reading more. 🙂

Thanks Mixed Bag..(I know you must go by another name.) I will try to blog more often, somethings in life just knock the wind out of your sails.. I hope my HOT air will continue to rise and humor you…

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