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{May 7, 2011}   Blog It forward

I love Karma.  I used to think it was something that was oozing from the center of my Milky Way bar.

Lately I have been saddled with the Blahgs and lacking inspiration to write anything down.  I started to read other blogs to see if I could gather any pertinent information or  possibly a lead-in to strike some creative output.  Maybe hijack another blog and call it my own.  Maybe I could take parts of someones work and tie it into my blog, what(?), with all the millions of readers out there who will notice? I admire the blogger that can whip up words and blend them into a captivating story of nonsense.  I especially love the readers replies to the nonsense, begat(ting) more nonsense.  I love a readers comments that are nearly as long winded as the article. Personally I think they are looking to grab a little free real estate and advertising space. Maybe they do this because their writing just doesn’t contain that “zing” to grasp a readers attention.  Maybe they have too much time on their hands and have nothing better to do but coast and attempt to replicate some weird periodical.  Maybe they like to stalk their prey before they latch on to a site that is more notable than their own.  Maybe they’re alone and lonely and seek cyber socialization because crawling out from behind their computer is to scary for one to attempt solo.

I think when a blogger uses parts of someone’s work for their own personal gain could be considered  a form of flattery to the Blogster that came up with the concept.. If someone’s creative blog helped another blogger to blog something, well that’s just paying it forward and presenting a nice Karmic Keyboard.  Although, if this person chooses to continually gain inspiration from other blogs, what will become of the blogger should they no longer have that venue for their own amusement? What if the blogger they gain added insight from decides to stop blogging…will the writer fall short in their monologues and be at a  loss for topics?  Is stealing someone’s ideas a form of Blogsphemy that invites bad Karma.  Why is it called karMA?  Why be gender specific, why not call it karPA or karKids….

I like a good karma, it’s such a feeling of quintessential “goodness”, but how does it work? It has been described as memory coming into consciousness, or , one meets self, or a way to heal your past and commit to your present, or being a victim to hundreds of past lives.  Yikes, I’ll stick to my candy bar, it’s simpler.

My memory comes into consciousness every morning at 6:30 am when I wake my son from his teen coma and get him started to get his Self out of bed hosting eyes at half mast trying to meet his bowl of Cherios floating in a milky stream of consciousness. If he’s a victim of past lives, I may not live to finish this one.  The only way I can get him to commit to my present is if it’s gift wrapped and can be used on a snow covered mountain.   My family has had to deal with a lot of my past lives embedded in this present one.  I believe a few hundred house keepers have embodied my being in the past based on the hours of  upkeep needed to  keep up with a teenager.  I think I may have been a chauffeur or a Cabbie  in my former life.  I have driven all over this country and spent endless days and nights transporting  my children to their destinations du jour until they were able to drive themselves. I may have been a GPS system as well, because I can locate anything in this house that has been misplaced by family members.

But what brings about the bad Karma? Maybe stealing or cheating or being a lousy cook? Maybe some see this as a form of punishment. ( bad Karma that is, oh, and possibly being a lousy cook is punishment enough on my family).  Do we attract and repel certain experiences that bring about this Karma.  My dog attracts fleas, is that good karma? And if I chose to use repellent to obliterate the infestation is that considered bad Karma… My son attracts lots of teenage girls, is it bad karma to swat them off like flies so he can study for his SAT’s…

I dunno. So much to think about.  I think I’ll just retreat to reading other Blog’s and chew on chocolate until someone’s topic catches my eye and maybe spark some initiative onto my screen. Maybe I can copy right off a page or two…no that would be bad blog -karma…….

spread the humor.

I’ve caught myself expounding on a subject in the comments section of a few blogs and then apologized for hijacking. I didn’t delete the comment though.

Anyone is welcome to do that on mine. Apparently, I have it coming to me.

Lol. Would you mind writing my blog for me…. I’m getting lazy and tired..I’m in need of a ghost writer..

I love KARMA and you gave me the good kind today. I’m off to prune roses and I don’t know how so your karma will get me through it.

Enjoyed the visual of your teen-age boy getting up. That is one of the hardest parts of my day with my just turned 15 year-old son.

Kind of sort of related is a Twitter Smackdown I witnessed recently. A comic (bona fide) typed up a tornado of “who do you think you are joke stealer you stink and it sucks that you would steal other people’s jokes and how did you get 22k followers in under two years you’re not fooling anyone!” to a guy who was intentionally forgetting to attribute comics of yesteryear with funny lines he tweeted.

I felt like cheering her on and peeking through my fingers at the same time. As a teacher, I’m totally anti-plagiarism, but people have to be taught the “rules” and etiquette in this fluid world we are creating here in the interwebs.

Wait. How was this related again? Hmmm. Can’t remember. Sorry about that.

LOL..believe it or not..”I got it”!..thanks again for the drop in.

because MA always knows the right pay back!

All I can say to that is: LOLOLOLOL….. Thanks for stopping in.

why not call it karPA or karKids….”

I like karMAX or karTON or karLMARX. Oh now I’m just being silly.

Good to see you putting some thoughts down at least.

I Love it lb! Now it’s turning into Sesame Street! Thanks for the drop in.

lol Better yet, maybe you could copy random sentences of random blogs and see if it says anything zing-ful.

Personally, I think karma is a fancy word for cause and effect. You screw up and it bites you in the proverbial ass. 🙂 Pardon mon français!

Happy Mother’s day!

LOL Lisa! Thanks for the drop in! Oh, and thanks for the Mother’s day greeting…yours was the first!

Watch out for Karblog! I heard the punishment is having to teensit twelve of the little beasties.

Yikes! I will! LOL Thanks for popping in!

Phil says:

Ha! I’m pretty sure this is the very first blog post ever to successfully weave the words begat, du jour, fleas, replicate, quintessential, and oozing, and milky stream into one Karma-ly delicious post. You’ve got lots of Kar-IS-ma, CharlyWalker.

LOL..Thanks Phil! You said a mouthful!

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