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{May 22, 2011}   Handwriting is on the Blog

I recently watched a movie the other night that happens to be one of my favorites; it’s called The Bucket List.  It’s a movie about a list of things a person wants to fulfill before they “kick the bucket”.  It made me think: Why would a person wait til they are about to die before they think about doing  the things they really wanted to do while living?  I have always done whatever I set out to do.  I personally think my bucket list was handed to me in my Rubbermaid pail when I was able to walk; along with the matching shovel.  I learned at an early age to kick your bucket aside and use your shovel to bat the sh*t that flies off the fan…………I was an intense toddler.

  I had a list of things written in crayon that I wanted to accomplish, which I did, and I’m still not finished.   I think when my time comes and I will be asked about the “things I wanted to do, but never got to”,   I will probably just respond with:  “I’ve done them thank you, now go fix me a dry martini and change the channel on the TV to Mob Wives…I’m tired of listening to that Sajak guy  blowing vowels out his ass…”.

This “Bucket List” topic sparked my interest one night while catching an episode of the Wheel- of -Fortune.  I like that show. I get to watch Vanna White grow old in designer gowns. She keeps getting thinner and thinner and before you know it they’ll be rolling in her Versace on a skeleton wearing a blond wig.  Pat Sajak will drop his choppers on the Wheel bending over to spin and gumming out the letters for the Bonus Round: “O.K.  Vanna, gimme an R-Eth-Teeth-L-N-Eeeeeeeee”( that’s Pat suffering  vowel incontinence).

The “Bucket List” came up while Pat was doing his 30 second interview with the contestants.   One girl mentioned she had a “Bucket List” and that she has completed most of it, (mind you, this girl was attractive and I assume in the mid 20’s range of age).  I asked out loud: “Why would someone so young be concerned about something like that at such a youthful time in their life?”.  No one answered me because I was watching the show alone with my dog.  If my pooch  did respond to  me……well…. then…..I guess I would have to face the obvious:

….that being,…my stray came from the same litter as David Berkowitz’ dog…………

This vibrant young lady seemed thrilled to tell the world she had a “Bucket List” on national T.V.  while the other two candidates  just gave “shout outs” to their peeps and dispensed free advertising to their workplace.  I still couldn’t shake the notion of this unseasoned woman and her  desire to do what exhausted elderly accede to teetering on their last leg.  The strong leg.  The one that has to kick the bucket.

But then..WHAM!  It hit me like a ton of bad lyric’s thrown by George Michaels; (no, not wake me up before you go-go..)..

Why not pursue a “Bucket List” because you want to; not because yo think you feel pressured to.  Life is a bucket of cherries waiting for you to take a bite and spit the pits back into your pail……….with or without dentures.  I think this Wheel lady had it down to a science and mapped out her  List constructed to fulfill her Fortunate life.  I think she was sending a message over the airwaves to entice the audience to re-think this “Bucket List” operandi.  Maybe make this list accessible to youngsters who complain too much about their cell phones not being the latest model.  Maybe we should make a Bucket List mandatory and have it notarized and produce them adjacent to a birth certificate to hand out to the next generation.  Maybe this Bucket List will start with small ventures, like:

1) I will be potty trained before I reach pre-school

2) I will brush my teeth as often as the dentist tells me to after my braces are applied.

3) I will complete my homework and hand it in on time.

4) I will not exceed the speed limit when I’m 16 while carrying a freshly pressed driver’s license.

5) I will not party to excess in college and wake up kneeling over the porcelain god sporting a tattoo I don’t remember getting in Vegas…

6) I will listen to my parents and take out my Ipod earphones when doing so…..

7) I want my Laundry List completed first…

8) I will kick the bucket if it’s left in the middle of the hallway full of dirty water for me to trip over…..

Oh this list could go on until I kick the bucket, but apparently buckets are hard to find these days since the cleaning lady switched to the Wet Jet Mop.    I guess we’ll have to change ‘Bucket List” to “Swiffer Starter Kit”.

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Phil says:

Oh I know this game! What is (hic) er… I mean, What is an A? (hic) Oh wait, wrong show… (hic) … (ahem) I mean, can I buy Vanna White a dringggkk (hic) no, no, that’s not it, (hic) I’d like to buy a vowel, Pat… (hic)

Woooooo haaaaaaaa!!!! Oh, and your bling, er,… I mean your bong, er… um… no, no, no, I mean your blog is hila (hic) hee lari (hic) er… um… funny!

I am so glad you enjoyed it! Why, I never blog under the influence…..

My bucket list is expensive.

Jan says:

Your blog looks really good and I like the humor! Thanks for visiting me today. If you need a further kick in the pants, feel free to browse my “Thoughts on Two Wheels” category.

This had me rolling! I don’t really have a bucket list, but when my wife and I talk about different places, I’ll say that’s on our list. We tend to only plan one vacation ahead. Don’t really have a list. Although, we do plan to return to Australia for our 10th anniversary. We went for our fifth. I see a lot of young people with bucket lists, 25 before 25. And a lot of food bloggers have them too. I guess it’s good to have goals, as long as they don’t make you stress and lose sight of the big picture. Whatever that is!

Thanks for the visit..and you can fill my bucket with your delicious rolls anytime…. I’ve seen your blog!

Yes, put Spain on the List. Enjoyed reading your blog. Your titles are clever and luring.

Thank you! Thanks for dropping in.

The Hook says:

Great post about unrealized ambitions and the future. Don’t give up on your dreams!

I really need to set-up a bucket list. However, I’m allergic to cherries, so it might do me in.

LOL…how about peaches? Thanks for the drop in, always a pleasure.

barb19 says:

Haha, I like the way you view the bucket list and I have to agree. I don’t have one – done what I’ve wanted to do all through life, wouldn’t want to wait till I was too old to enjoy anything!

Thanks Barb! Life is a drop in the bucket (list!)…

At 21, I was a guinea pig for the development of a Life Enhancement questionnaire. One exercise was to write our own epitaph – with a template guiding us through key points. One was “I always wanted to_____, but never did because______.”

I refused to fill in those blanks. I made a decision then and there that I did not want to have any regret over not having done something that was important to me.

I’ve had a daily bucket list and like to keep it that way.

I don’t think I’ve avoided all regrets – I kind of wish that I’d used my shovel a little more often. No, not more often, but more quickly. 😀

welcome to the jr. bucket list league……raise your shovel! Thanks for the drop in.

You have made me look at my bucket list in a new way…oh wait I don’t have a list..don’t know if I have done it all or if I am just getting lazy in my advancing years..yup just lazy!

Lol. Love your honesty. We can join the swiffer party!

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