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{May 25, 2011}   Raining Cats and Blogs (an earlier post)

I have been inspired to get down and dirty and to reveal certain aspects of my life. Someone has put the notion into my head that I need to tap into that inner self that collects all the history and tears down the cob webs that are shielding some true lies. I was going to write about my first time  visiting  a Porn shop in Atlanta in the seventies, but revealing the true actualities of that experience is very benign in comparison with what is vehemently exposed today.  My Coed  daughter shows more skin than the three minute video I watched from a coin -op arcade shielded by a draped stained curtain that housed every STD under the sun……

During the 70’s in Atlanta, Georgia, the South had certain rules and laws that governed their great City and protected  their poor Sainted pedestrians.  They have  (or had) a major street in Atlanta called Peachtree Street and this street had many branches that added middle names to the main thorough fare: like Peachtree Avenue, Peachtree circle, Peachtree way. That tree wound its roots throughout the metropolitan area until it landed in the pit of an intersection that was divided between church and Porn. During the roaring 70’s or should I say snoring 70’s from all the excess potheads that were left over from the Jane Fonda era;   Atlanta had an area that was baptized ” the Bible belt” on one side of the street while the other side harbored a strip mall of Satan.  This was a religious war of an unusual kind during those times in which the Holy Rollers were trying to defeat the wHO’S -wHO of the porn industry.  This King of Thieves was a god in his Kinky community and owned one of the largest Porn magazine’s of its time. He Hustled night and day to defend his empire against the seething zealots who wanted to tear down the walls of Jack shack across the road from the House of Lord.  The marketeer muscled in and kept his ample footing and coveted the holy land down the street which left a gaping gloryhole and no room for Jesus…..

Now my roommate and I had a night off from our airline employer and decided to have a night  out on the town which included too many Mai-Tai’s and a giggling stop at an all night, dimly lit, porn shop.  When we entered the place we were immediately met by flailing inflatable body parts with orafices that never closed. I was laughing so hard I had to steady myself from falling onto a sticky floor, and I grabbed  what I thought was a handle  next to the counter, which turned out to be a removable object that vibrated off the wall. I tossed it to my roommate like a hot potato and she disappeared into another room. I found her a few minutes later calling out to me from behind a crusty curtain laughing hysterically  and peering into what looked like a colossal view master.

So there we were, loaded on rum and curacao, and dropping change into a coin-slot to watch our first pornographic movie.  We spent close to three dollars in change to watch one minute of a young lady dressed in Hot Pants and a Daisy May tube Top doing laundry.  My roommate added another two dollars and at the very end of that segment the laundress was approached by two masked Mucha Lucha wrestlers carrying what looked like liquid Tide.  We were stuffed behind this curtain of shame and took turns to watch the elicit theater until I commented to my roommate on the amazing 3-D effect permeating from behind.  My roomie asked what I was referring to and I said that the “curtain has a moistness to it and smelled like a bad night with Sodom and Gomorrah”.  She removed her eyeballs from the lens master and broke into uproarious laughter when she  turned around and witnessed a man standing outside our curtain enjoying his own “live” peep show..starring  US.

The last thing I remember was sprinting out of the that place like a bat out of Hell and my roommate running through the door tango-ing with inflatable Barbie deflating around her neck and the store operator chasing us through the parking lot………all the way across the street where we ran to a safe house:

A Church. …………………………..We stuck Barbie in a Confessional and called it a night. It’s O.K. she was in the missionary position..

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Devon Begg says:

Your story is hilarious. “It’s O.K., she was in the missionary position!” lol.

There’s an area in my city that has a bible shop and a porn shop located directly across from each other and I can’t help but snicker when walking by them.

LOL..I know a real Oxymoron… Thank you so much fro dropping by..I’ll leave the screen light on for ya!

So you’re a pervert from way back, eh?

Oh great now I have to change my Blog address…..

Now that’s an adventure most would not have..I wonder if we will be seeing any barbies in habits?

Now, Now, we’ll have NUN of that!…LOL Thanks for the drop in!

The poor ol’ church verger is probably still trying to solve THAT mystery! What a riot. My first sex shop was Toronto in the early 70s. My friend and I saw a guy with a basket, just tossing in goodies. “What is he doing?” I whispered to my friend. Her response? “Shut up and follow him!”

LOL…ok. now it’s your turn to disclose your adventure via WordPress…..

That very last line was a killer!

lol glad you liked it!

Phil says:

Absolutely hilarious! Definitely two thumbs up post Charlywalker!

Beware, however any folks giving you the three thumbs up because, well… it could very well be that stalker from your Last Tango in Atlanta.

Thanks Phil! I’m a bit older and wiser now…LOL

Phil says:

I’m envisioning the following conversation a few days later, when the Porn Shop Owner musters up the courage to approach the Minister of the Church:

Porn Shop Owner: Hi Minister. I was wondering if you’ve seen any life-sized doll that might have been accidentally left here.

Minister: Woman doll?

Owner: Yes

Minister: About 5’4″ with blonde hair and blue eyes?

Owner: Yes!

Minister: Anatomically well endowed, with holes in the mouth and er… well…

Owner: THAT’S THE ONE!!!

Minister: Nope, haven’t seen it.

Maybe he’s not the Padre that has Confessional duty…..LOL Thanks for the comment, always a pleasure…

That sure sounds like quite a night!!!

You had to have been there to believe it…..stupid is as stupid does when you’re young…but always an adventure! thanks for the visit!

One word….Awesome!!!!!

Len Olson says:

That was hilarious. I’m still laughing. “Stuck Barbie in the confessional and called it a night…”

gmomj says:

That’s hilarious! I love the parking lot run with the doll. Hysterical!

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