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{June 1, 2011}   To Run with the Hare and Hunt with the Blogs (earlier post)

I’m off to the Tuscan sun (37 degrees) in 12 days and I am starting to feel elated. There is still a big part of me that harbors a shroud of anxiety at the thought of leaving my quasi adult children to roam in my home sans mommy. That is why I am a big supporter of Neighborhood Watch.

This is no ordinary watch where the “hood” posts glow- in- the -dark signs on dead trees only to be read by  passing fluorescent headlights; this is a watch that includes designated specialized attention from lovely neighbors who volunteer to randomly check in at my house unannounced on Friday and Saturday nights dangling their secret key.

This action keeps my teens on High Alert.  Kind of like Publishers Clearing house ,  the way the marketing Team of Todd Sloan and Associates  keep a close eye on the prospective winner before they pounce on them to present a  a giant cardboard check during halftime at the Super Bowl.  The contestant has an inkling of being followed but writes it off as a minor paranoia accompanied by an occasional hallucination of a Navy Blue Van.  It’s the same feeling I inject into my Teens when I plan to go away for a few days; that feeling of someone possibly stopping by for a cup of sugar at midnight who entertains the same suspicious glare unlike myself….That look that can clear any house of unwanted public

Needless to say it helps a mom sleep comfortably at night when she is out of town, far, far, away, sipping her Chianti Classico with a side of Fava beans…

I have lived in many a neighborhoods throughout this fine country and I have to say that where I have landed now harbors some of the most eclectic group of people, and I enjoy everyone of  them. Well, almost everyone of them.  There are some that have gotten lost in translation, which can happen when you live close to one another over a five year span. It’s a lot like having room mates at times. Some you enjoy sharing your intimate pasts and some are just too high maintenance and add too much drama to an already infused Camille society.

I no longer have issues with whether or not I like my neighbors, I have a sixth SCENTS in regards to  people. Albeit..Charly. I now leave that ability, in my dogs paws. Charly has a great sense of ” I don’t like you ” smell. He is very protective of our domain and lashes out at the ones he feels are a threat ,and  yet,on the other paw, he acts like a bouncer at Club Rave and sorts through the melee with his snout in the air, and upon his approval, let’s them pass through the threshold with a tail wag.

I think dogs have a sense of self worth and who is worth sensing. Sometimes Charly-dog has a gaze that looks through your soul and if he could verbalize to someone he would be spouting worse than a tea kettle on high.  Charly is relentless when it comes to visitors that rub him the wrong way. He is a high strung combination of a couple of breeds that should never have mixed in the first place, yet when he chooses who he wants to befriend, he is all over them like a cheap suit licking last nights after shave off their satin cheek.

Personally, I think my dog has better judgment of a persons character than I do.  When I walk him around the “hood” he has  become very selective as to which car he wants to chase after. It use to be all cars, but now as he watches them drive by he methodically watches and contemplates which neighbor’s vehicle is going to get the Charly rant.  Funny, it always ends up to be the same ones. And , oddly enough, they happen to be the neighbors I can no longer tolerate other than a passing wave from my free hand. Keeping it on the down-low… Now on the other hand, Charly charges towards the ones he likes. It’s all about the scent.  Think about it, does anyone really like a not-so nice-smelling- person?  I think my dog is on to something that Freud or Jung never tapped into: The aura of aroma.

As long as the sniffing stays above the waist………………

Watch out for the young studs over there looking for American Cougars. Hopefully you will find one you like. 😉

LOL…lb….I joined my husband over there….LOL…thanks for the compliment…

Whew, that one hit too close to home! It was deja vu all over again when we returned from a great 5-day spa vacay in February to find out that our 17-year-old had thrown a party for 30 friends, complete with 2 visits from the local police. I almost implemented your neighbor drop-in plan prior to going away, but thought, “My God, he’s almost 18, when am I ever going to trust him if not now?” The repercussions are still being felt throughout the family to this day.

Thanks Renee, I think I doth protests too much….My kids were actually fine and no trouble brewed….LOL

Too bad Charly wouldn’t chase away anyone of similar vintage as yours!

I usually have male cats for pets. They become amazingly territorial of me. My women friends are welcomed ad purreum, but males are to be sneered at.

God forbid that another cat comes near me even though it’s a buddy of his.

Enjoy the break! May your angels keep their wings.

Thanks for the comment Ms. Soul…I have the same with my dog, he’s very protective of me, If I had five more of him I’d have my own Entourage….

Phil says:

Aw c’mon Charly. The kids are just having some friends over so they can study!

Study Group

LOL..Phil…thanks for the drive by!

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