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{August 31, 2011}   Sick as A Blog ( an earlier post..due to lack of inspiration…)

I have been informed by current dog owners (CDO’s) that it is important to get your new dog a “puppy check” a.s.a.p. I am a new puppy owner and have not owned a dog since childhood and apparently this is a  check-up to verify if you have a healthy or sick dog. This “puppy check” will establish him with a Vetinarian to gain a history and secure his records. Hmm…. very similar to what I did when my kids were born, however, that was covered by insurance.  My dog was a quasi rescue and did not come with any records.  Maybe the Vet will conduct a back round check.  I’ll have Charly-dog present a puppy print to be submitted to the canine data bank.

I did not grab the yellow pages and seek out an established Primary Vet right away, instead, I went the cheaper route and did a one stop shop at the local S.P.C.A to get his initial set of required shots.  Also known as “The Clinic”.  I have worked in the hospital environment and for all of you who work or have worked in a hospital environment; back then the word CLINIC meant: “Line ’em up, step right up, one ata time folks…get your shots here..hurry while they last..that’s right little lady don’t be shy, now serving number 187”: All accompanied by a waiting room full of the village people.

My 15 year old son accompanied me to the clinic clutching the pup close to his chest as if he were cradling a football and running for that 60 yard get to the head of the Free Shot Line. We stood in line for over an hour along with other dogs all senior to our pup.  My son tired of holding Charly-dog and decided to set our mongrel down to mingle with the pack, at the ripe old age of 7 weeks.  Apparently my son missed the lecture in the car regarding immunities, vaccines, and death by Parvo!

The line moved slowly toward the table that dispensed the paperwork. They asked for my ID and the name of the dog and DOB.(date of birth). The pup was 7 weeks and was born sometime in July so I made my pre-calculous privately schooled teenage son do the math.

We were then escorted to another table ( the paying one) and gave our donation. We waited in line as  I witnessed the Vet-du-jour give vaccines consecutively to all the dogs as he inched down the line without taking a breath. It came to our turn and I looked at our new puppy resting in my arms staring at me  with those Margeret Keane eyes.   My heart was pounding and I was near tears. I couldn’t watch as this fully Tattooed, braided pony-tailed with no credentials in view VET (?)  approach my pup with a hypo from the 1950’s…….. I made my son do it.

It went so quickly and not one yelp from our puppy, not even a sniff. This master with a needle had a soft touch equipped with precision that didn’t even tussle a piece of fur.  I was so impressed, I slipped the VET a twenty and mentioned that my son is due his tetanus soon and maybe he’s free on Tuesday……..

I may have spoke too soon;  a few days later our pup came down with a doggie cold or as the professionals call it: kennel cough; and, as newbie owners and ignorant about puppy ailments, we did what responsible adults do…….dialed  doggie 911.

It was a weekend and we did not do step one of new puppy ownership: Get Established With A Vet.  So we had to go to an Emergency Vet Hospital, on a weekend, with an On Call Vetinarian….This visit cost nearly the same amount of money as a one nights stay at the Hilton with a spa package.

  The Vet receptionist had us enter through the “sick pet door” where we were quarantined in a corner seat in the waiting area. We were greeted much like a regular hospital E.R.; as their initial instructions were:

“Please sign in and fill out this paperwork”.

Our puppy was lying listless in my lap and displaying shallow breathing. We have only owned this dog for seven weeks and I am presented by the receptionist at the Vet E.R.  with a vibrant blue page to be filled out immediately. I mentioned to her that my dog will be the color of this form by the time I finish with this paperwork.  She turned away smacking her gum to the tune of  Springsteen’s “Born in the USA”……..

  I noticed  at the bottom of this Blue Page there were  two options that required One mandatory check mark:

  Option 1: ( short version) We will take the pet and do everything possible to save it costing you at the least $750.

Option 2: DNR.

I was hoping that DNR had a different meaning than the one used in People Hospitals.  I was thinking that maybe Vet clinics had their own special vernacular and acronyms that pertained to animals, and that maybe their version of DNR meant something less devastating. Like:

Do Note-the Reading-material-while-you-wait……. or…..Dinner Needs Reheating… or…. Did-you Need-to-Rethink-this-puppy-thing?….

As it turned out our pup had a mild form of a kennel cough and just needed a dose of antibiotic and we didn’t need to go to Eddie Bauer in search of an oxygen pup- tent.  Our little pupster came through with flying colors as I stayed curled up next to him throughout the night and day.

I know I inherited this mutt a mere seven weeks prior to his illness and my attachment to him was still in a foreign  stage to me.  I know I was riddled with guilt  despair when I was faced with the decisions of those two options  listed on  the required Royal Page. I know that in those fatal few seconds in between my puppy’s breaths, thoughts flashed through my mind of various views before my pen decided to land in the blank box nestled near the bottom of the Bright blue Form.  My mind was being coerced into choosing between an eight week weakling that I barely knew that could stiff me for a giant Vet bill or Do Nothing Right-now……

I know you are dying to know which option I chose…..

That is not an option………

spread the humor.

ear mites says:

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Spectra says:

Hi, Charly.

I was reading a comment from you on my blog back in May, which I had missed, it seems, and came here to read the relevant post…but you do not have an ‘archive’ or a calendar as a widget in your sidebar. Maybe this is by intention, but that makes it hard to dig into your past writings.

And I too went through a terrible health dilemna with my dog, at the end of her life, a bill that equalled 2 months rent and then some… I paid, of course. But I’d wished I had looked into pet insurance early on in her life, as another comentor here suggested. Next time I get a little dog, pet insurance is an absolute must!

Hi Spectra woman! Thank you for stopping by. I guess I never archived or calendar(d), if you could kindly instruct me on that I’ll get right on it..first thing….


I have archives…click precious entries at bottom of the blog!

LOL @ dinner needs reheating:)

I’m glad you got that!! Some responses were geared toward me being a cold hearted puppy owner…….LOLOLOL….Oh when will they see the light….It’s all humor with a capital “H”…. Thanks for the drive by!

Phil says:

Looks like you selected the Doggies Never Rest option, since Charly Dog turned into a real active, happy pup since that visit. Enjoy the sweet torment.

Vet clinics are great at cashing in on people’s growing, sometimes-to-extremes pet emotions! Good grief, CW, I don’t envy you.

Before giving my unrequested thoughts about animal husbandry, I declare that I will chew electric fences if I have to get at a human being that is neglecting or abusing an animal. However, I grew up in the country where there was one vet for a 100 mile radius. People did and still can learn lots about looking after their animals.

I have the privilege of a vet who spent most of his younger years being a vet for farmers which meant there’s a training program in preventative measures along with each vet visit. I ask lots of questions. If I have to pay 30 bucks just as a visiting fee, I’m going to get my money’s worth. Therefore, I’m taught to administer drops, dollops, MM shots, CCs, etc. I administer flea prevention and de-worming meds. My vet had me injecting saline solution into a wound daily on my cat who had a festering bite wound on his butt. Another time, the cat was outdoors so much, I didn’t know he had a wound. He opened it himself and drained it nicely. It healed just fine – he was never off his food.

That’s the sure-fire sign, CW. If the animal is eating, it’s telling you it’s working on healing.

As much as I love every animal I’ve had, I want them to be animals, not projections of my neuroses. So I observe, keep the ear mites out of the ears, keep a close eye on the physicality of my pet, and allow it to be an animal.

Thanks soul. Charly’s just great now. He’s two and enjoys tormenting me. Lol

ya didn’t fool me Charly. I knew you would choose the right option.

awww can see right through my blog…… thanks LB!

misswhiplash says:

i have many animals and one of the most important things is to keep you animal healthy.
A good local vet is vital. You need to know what he or she is like, and you need to have confidence in their abilities.

I do hope that you did not tick the DNR box..I would be most disappointed.

have a look at Animal Insurance..its not that expensive, except if like me you have 9 of them, then paying the vet bill is cheaper.

Enjoy your new puppy. he will reward you over and over again with love and affection

Thank you miss whiplash for our comment and thank you for dropping in, always a pleasure.

zencity says:

you . . . Did Not React?

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