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{September 19, 2011}   A Blog’s Chance..( CW is digging into the archives now…)

I just received notice of an acceptance package into a nursing program I had applied to over a year ago. I should be elated and bouncing off walls much like my puppy’s tennis ball when in play. Except I am not.

I am having mixed emotions about continuing this venture. I am an older student reinventing another career after playing stay-at-home-mom for the past fifteen years and sacrificing my worldly goods for the betterment of raising children. I am sitting on the white picket fence now about attending this program for many reasons;

One major issue is the cost of the program. This is an expenditure that has a healthy bite to it and I am at a time in my life where I should be mimicking menopause in the Mediterranean and petting my pup while we lap up the Chianti and gnaw on biscotti;  Instead of pawing at textbooks containing fonts that even my +250 reading glasses can’t pick up. Come to think of it the only glass worth picking up should be half full of red wine.

I am an older student and am competing with young bloods. So far I have been superseding  this nouveau wild bunch, but they still act like I’m the token geriatric for the course. Sometimes I feel as though I don’t have a dog’s chance in getting through this, much like the hits I have been getting lately on this blog,….. an all time low.  Someone suggested I turn this blog into a book, she actually called me a “good writer”. I have been tauted as being funny, clever, and witty, but never referenced as a good writer. To me that was an ultimate compliment. I started to give this writing a chance but I didn’t know how to transform my blogging into an actual book.

I was out with a friend the other day driving to a bar and grill to discuss,… well, to discuss,….. um, anything.   As she drove through the maze of rural blacktop now covered in dirty snow, I mentioned to her the prospectus of making this “Bloggie with Doggie” into a manuscript. She likened the idea but pondered on the meat of the book. I mentioned my thoughts to her about” aligning my puppy perils with the coping mechanisms of menopause…… without the prescribed meds”.

She turned the green Chevy Sedan through filthy snowbanks and muttered something about…. “making it more dirty..”.

I reiterated that that was a possibility and; “I guess I could add some porn to perk up the readers libido, after all doesn’t sex and filth sell well? Much  like my over priced puppy products at Pet Smartie?”.

My friend slowed down to a speed where I could recognize and read the street signs and she turned to me laughing:

“You Moron, I was referring to the snow, I can’t believe how dirty it is”.

 So I guess trying to add “Charly-dog Does Dallas” or “Deep doggie Throat” a dog’s fun with a Cautionary Tail, is not on the menu?

Fine then, just order me a martini that matches the melting snow…..Dirty……….. stirred not plowed.

The Hook says:

I’m in the same blogging boat, young lady. The process of turning a blog into a book on your own is a long and involved one. Good luck.

Oh let’s keep sailing away……lol thanks for the read.

Debbie says:

Only half full? (by the way, I think you’re slightly better than good – gooder at least)

LOL..thanks Deb! Great to hear from you stop by again..I’ll leave the screen light on for ya!

plaridel says:

you’ll be a great nurse. don’t quit now.

Thank you for stopping in. Thanks for the support!

plaridel says:

you’ll be great as a nurse. don’t quit now.

I think there would be some advantages to being an older student. You’d relate to your patients better for one. You know what it’s like to have a sick child, for instance. And it’d be tiring, OK exhausting, but you can still write and pursue another career.

Thank you for dropping in! Raise the RUF-us……lol

misswhiplash says:

I was nearly 30 years of age when I went back to school to learn The Principles of English law’ I was n’t going to do anything with was just interesting. My grandson Leon was in his carry cot as I was looking after him at that time. The class was full of teen agers and I was the most imtelligent one of the lot. Maybe it was because I wanted to learn and not because I had to do it.

Anyway although I may have been an oldie to them they did treat ,me with respect and we all got along fine.
If you are taking the bull by the horns and going for a change of career I say well done to you . Go for it girl! Don’t let the buggers beat you…

love Patrecia

Patrecia…I am so glad to have met you on y blog! You are a breath of fresh air! Thank you for taking the time to read my gibberish! ‘ Love, CW

You are a good writer in my estimation Charly and I would encourage to write something along the lines of a book, but keep your blog as a muse for yourself and an amusement for the rest of us.

ok…only ’cause yo said so……

LOL..thanks for the drop in !

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