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{October 10, 2011}   Blog Up His Sleeve

I normally never tout another  Blog unless forced to.  One of my weaknesses in life is drooling over pictures of food that are displayed like  priceless pieces of art.

This Blog’s chef will not burden your eyes with a messy blender exploding yellow lava down a counter  top or a batch of brownies that resemble hockey pucks after the playoffs.  You will not have to weave your way around wasted words of adventures and snore through a detailed step by step process.  This Chef just masters his art for food sake and leaves your libido lost in his magnificent makings. This chef not only creates and displays the food, he also hands out his secret recipes to the fruitcakes in the kitchen… me.

I have been secretly stalking this creative cook on his blog and have commented ever so lightly, so, if per chance he catches on that it’s me he may call for a restraining order……………..This Chef’s site is :

If you read his blog please don’t tell him that I cut and paste his food pictures onto my families plates and add a scratch-n-sniff feature to make their meals appear more  life like……..  Although my family still complains that they taste like paper…….

Rufusguide…I tip my randomly used apron off to you and I am anxiously awaiting the day I can reach for your recipes bound at Barnes & Noble.  And please, if you would…stop making those delicious pictures of sumptuous meals so appetizing…I have gained ten pounds just reading your blog.

Now, I am cordially inviting you to my Thanksgiving table… BYOR….Bring your own Recipes, because you’ll be cooking!    Oh, and BYOCU……Bring Your Own Cooking Utensils…..I’m lacking in that arena…Oh..don’t forget…BD…..Bring Dessert…oh, heck……just move in………

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M’dear sweet Charly. I got a notice that you posted a new piece, so I hopped on over here and ain’t up! It was about a beautiful woman that came out from behind her gravatar. Now..where the fuck is it? 😉

Dusty, I published it. called Another blog face liar…I think I messed up in the publishing…I may have lost it. I will try again. sry

I ccan send you the post as I get the entire post in my inbox. Lemme know if you want me to do that kiddo. It was really a great post..but then, all yer posts are great! 😉

I just re posted the Blog Faced Liar..please go to : tell me if it appears. thx

plaridel says:

can i just bring myself?


Phil says:

See Charly, if it were me, I wouldn’t worry about using photos of the food with your real family. I’d be trying for the cardboard cut-out photos of the family instead, and keep the real food…

LOL..I knew I could count on you for great advice!!

There’s nothing wrong with a scratch and sniff! 🙂

LOLOL…I love that you GET me…….thanks gaycarboys!

A woman I can identify with! Yay! Sharsies! 😀

LOL..I love sharsies…..they go great with ice cream…..

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