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{October 25, 2011}   Another Blog Faced Liar….

So Charlywalker added a photo to her blog in hopes that some day the Freshly Pressed Gods will smile upon her and iron out the wrinkles in her writing…maybe add a little more starch..maybe have it permanently pressed.

I’ve been hiding behind my Gravatar because it is ageless and I am incapable of mastering Photoshop.  I have read many blogs, responses, and comments on this lovely WordPress wonderland and have found that most of you Blog-heads out there will use your likeness in your Gravatar…so…….I felt it was my duty to come out of the Gravatar closet and stop hiding behind my screen.  If you find this photo offensive kindly let me know and I will return to that sassy photo I have used in the past and , which I feel, truly depicts my lovely sarcastic nature.

If you take the time to read the blogs posted on this lovely word pressed outlet mall, you will notice a barrage of precisely chosen Gravatar’s that suit the Blogger’s genre.  I have decided to comment on some of my faithful followers pictures used to represent their Blogs, and I would love to commend those folks that actually  use a photo of themselves as their Gravatar.  Personally, I think  that takes a lot of guts to do. Guts….something we are all  equipped with, but usually it just lies dormant in a hollow cavity waiting to spill out and expand among the readers. Guts I did not possess until now.  Guts to actually locate and download a photo that I find acceptable..and er…airbrushed.  I do not like to have my picture taken, unless it’s by accident…… taken in Black & White…..from three miles away on a crowded island……without a telephoto lens.

Some Gravatar’s I have witnessed really suit the Blogger and their field of blogging.  Some of the most bright ideas face me with their intense yet quizzical look thinking to themselves: “Who is this person behind that fifties photo OP, and does she really wear her  hair that way?”…”Does she actually blog in pearls?”.

Some pictures merely depict just a portion of one’s head or face.  That bothers me.  When I see the partial head shot I feel as though I am back in Dial-Up Days waiting for the download to complete.

One picture shows a “Gent” sitting upright yet listing like a sailboat to the port side as if someone just threw a pie at him and missed.

I adore(?) the Cereal Killer’s mug shot…..the one who aids and abets in nectarious nectarine recipes that cause me to drool incessantly leaving traces of DNA on my keyboard.

I love love love the cartoon characters……..come out from behind the mask have me Hooked.

You certainly can’t beat the animal Gravitars…GRRRAnimals.  The dogs & cats melt my heart…..although I know one Dusty Cat that can scratch a mean Post, followed by an ordinary bloke who blogs behind one tiger with bad hair…..I can’t get my Phil of his posts.

I am, however, puzzled by one Gravatar of a lovely caricature of a petite red  Blog-headed woman who sends lovely comments to me, yet I can never get onto her site to send the same in return.  Every time I click on her blog name I am sent to Cyber-space.

I can’t take my eyes off Mr T. Gravatar.  When visiting his blog I “sense the intense” and I “Pity the fool” who doesn’t take the time to discover him.  My first inclination when I stumbled upon his moniker of IRRATEBASS; I immediately thought he was either a really angry fisherman, a mad saxophone player or he just hated his guitar……..

I admire the Gravatars that actually define what their blog spot is about and try not to throw you into an S-curve of figuring out what that Roschach represents.

There are so many Gravatar’s i collect in my dashboard and too many to mention.  I am thinking of developing a Gravatar Award.  Kind of like the Versatile Blogger award, but I might add a Psychological profile to the addendum……..

Sincerely, Charlywalker……you were expecting a guy?   Spread the humor.

interesting article. ty so much

Your writing doesn’t need any ironing, and now that Freshly Pressed has emerged from its coma, I hope it will find you at long last. To continue with the laundry metaphor, your blog is ultra-concentrated.

Consider this my write-in vote for you to keep the picture!

That Pic will not surface again… ruins my Gravatar image! thanks for the support, always a pleasure to hear form you.

It is quite amusing how we ‘visualize’ the writers of our favorite blogs. I had created a clear image of you and, of course, it is nothing like the photo. Great photo, and if I can ever lose the second half of this mysterious 30 lbs that leapt onto my body one night when I wasn’t looking, I may also gather the nerve to do so myself!

Renee..thank you for your comments always a pleasure to hear from you.

I’m with you charlie, I’m shutter shy as well. But I reckon my readers would rather see a flash car than my ugly mug LOL. Pretty pic tho! And nonsense on the PF gods and wrinkles, you haven’t got any to iron our.:)

That’s ’cause a thick filter was used… thanks for the drop in..I love your cars by the way… any free samples???


You are a striking, good looking woman and with a bright captivating smile. What a delight to see that countenance that accompanies an equally appealing sense of humor. Glad you made that journey out of your “gravatar closet”.

thanks LB….I’m a bit shutter shy….I’m going to return to that gravatar closet and find a new wardrobe…

Phil says:

But… but… but… Hey now!!! I’ll have you know that’s truly me in my avatar, although I may not always look quite so stylin’ and well groomed.

You’ve been holding out on us Charlywalker. I’ve been picturing you as that jean-clad hip hugging gal for so long now. You never told us you were waaaayyyyy more beautiful than she is! Very nice!

Well, I’d hang around and continue to fawn all over your picture and stuff, but I better get outta here before my wife starts swinging that cast iron frying pan near my head for flirting… See ya!

Thanks Phil..LOL… that will be the last photo Op for me….I’ll be back to the cartoon version….lol

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