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{January 2, 2012}   “Down Bloggie”


I want to talk about A-ccount-ability.   I am not referring to a certain Aristocratic Muppet whose capability is to count prime numbers through fanged teeth,…………..I am speaking about folks being held liable to be answerable,……..accountable.  Does anyone fully accept responsibility for their actions anymore or has passing the bedraggled buck  become the accepted modus operandi….

I own a house.  A house that has a roof.   A roof that carries two different dye-lots of shingles splattered about as if it had been  Jackson Pollock laying down the tiles in a pattern that screams Jack the Dripper’s handy work.  This would have fallen upon deaf ears ( and eyes) had my neighbor ( a roofer by trade) not stopped over and bring this faux -pas to my attention.  He said he was tired of staring  at the test pattern atop my house while sipping his Starbucks and working on last weeks crossword puzzle.  I told him my husband’s in the shoe industry and I haven’t enjoyed watching his ancient Chuck Taylor’s  with floppy laces climbing up and down the  metal ladder he loads on his truck at 5:00 a.m. every morning either……..

My Roof Aficionado neighbor kindly volunteered his expertise of Tile formation in grave detail.  He expounded on the faulty craftsmanship, application, and flawed materials that resulted in a leak over our family room.  He set forth with his roofing jargon and  concluded with explicit instructions on what steps to take and with whom to take those steps…..

I took his advice as he took my money for the consult and started at the grass roots level.  I contacted the Abbott & Costello Team who built this house that we paid a small fortune for, and was met with a trio of pin striped suits on the  other end of the phone:

Who am I speaking with?” , (asks Cindy who is the receptionist for the Builder)…..and What seems to be the issue..and I Don’t Know if we can help you…”.

I reiterated to Cindy-who is the receptionist, the knowledge I was given by my neighbor the roof expert.  Cindy forwarded my call to Jack-who is the builder’s nephew, whose job it is to resolve customer problems:

What we have here, Mrs. G, is a situation with the product used on the house that Jack built. This is not our jurisdiction, you need to contact the  company that manufactured the tiles”.   Mutters Jack from his boxed in cubicle.

 So I contacted the Manufacturer Team and they sent out a representative to fix the small leak under the mis-matched tiles.   As this representative did his job atop my pointy roof, we  conversed about rooftops using terms that included “workmanship” and “dye-lots”.  The Roofing Rep conceded that this was a “bums rush” of a job, however, the folks that did the original job are ” no longer with the company”.  And then he left.

He left with two samples of roofing tiles to be examined by Who’s  Top Tile scientists, who later got back to me:

  What we have here, Mrs. G, is a building issue, not  a materials issue.  I Don’t Know if we can help you”, states the rocket roof tile scientist. ” You need to contact the sub contractor”.

“Who?” I Bat back.  “Do they touch base with Who the first contact I spoke with, who directed me to What appears to be the second base of contact for which I Don’t Know if a third party is the answer“…

“Let me get this straight”, I proceeded, “You must know all the players in this business”.

” I certainly do”…he says.

So..”  I ask, “WHO is ultimately responsible for WHAT was placed upon my roof on a house that Jack built?”.

a short pause and then a reply…………

“I Don’t Know”.

Third base!

spread the humor.

“Does anyone fully accept responsibility for their actions anymore…?”

I heard about someone who did, but it was a long time ago. He may have retired by now. Or died. Your account is well-written and funny, but the underlying lack of integrity that you discovered isn’t amusing at all. Especially to you.

Thanks Bronxboy..always a pleasure to hear form you….I am so glad you “got” the who’s on first routine…..right now I am batting a thousand….that nothing happens and it will be Judge Judy I contact next…..

misswhiplash says:

Does your roof leak? Was there a problem with it before your ‘kind’ neighbour interferred…. If the answer is No…to both then forget about it. tell the neighbour to turn his chair in a different direction so that he cannot see your roof.

There are more things in the world to worry about than a non matching roof pattern!

Love P

LOLOL….Thank you! I agree wholeheartedly….

zen city says:

oy! I hate those days . . .

I worked for a reputable home builder for 18 years and 2 years for one that would give customers the run around much like yours seems to have.

Next time you have an issue with your home Charly touch base with me and I’ll see if I can give you some useful information – No Charge.

Thanks LB..trying to avoid a roofing litigation right now….lol….just want it fixed , but mostly I would like someone to “own it” as far as responsibility…

Is the home over 2 years old Charly?

Yes..we bought it new six years ago. I have decided to apply Krazy glue and post a “4 Sale” sign out front…….dog & children included in sale….lolol

“I have decided to apply Krazy glue and post a “4 Sale” sign out front”,/i>

Good luck in this market.

I’m afraid that any warranties the Builder was obligated to honor have expired if the house is 6 years old but I can’t understand why there were two shades of shingles on your roof. Was their a repair while the home was still under warranty? If so, you should be able to get the Builder to get the roofing subcontractor to make it right.

If they don’t and you can show this was condition that occurred during the first or second year of ownership then filing a claim in a small claims court may put a fire under them.

If they’re like that one Builder I worked for for a couple of years you may have to be the squeaky wheel to get the grease.

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