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{March 2, 2012}   Between Love and Madness Lies Blogging..

I like the sound of my house in the morning. It begins with a serene calmness surrounded by an abundance of quiet, and ends with a clamor of energies erupting from a mixture of tyrannical teens, a traveling husband, and a wayward dog.

I fancy the stillness to inspire me to write…or…er..scribble down thoughts, however, the only thing materializing in my brain is “still” trying to transpire.  I need a muse.  Maybe the sound of music  might amuse me and become museful to help with motivation which could  ignite and spark a plethora of  musettes to clear the cobwebs visiting my minds museum.

Too much quiet seems to have a Sesame Street affect on me and it’s forcing me to spew an assortment of M’s & more M’s.  Might as well face it I’m addicted to love  of alliteration. It’s a nasty habit, but it’s really just for the pun of it.

For the new year I was trying to get a blog in edgewise at least once a week, but I would find myself sitting and staring at the computer hoping that the keyboard would miraculously take it’s alphabet and form an idea or two….

Sometimes I rest my hands on the keys in the typewriter formation that I learned in eighth grade from a teacher who was missing three fingers, and I would sit in a trance awaiting  an idea to hit that compels  my fingers to vibrate across the raised letters like a divining tool over a Ouija Board.

Sometimes I find myself sitting at the desk with my head in my hands closing my eyes with all my might in hopes that an anecdote will squeeze out from the darkness.  The only things that appear to pop through from that ritual are new wrinkles in the corners of my eyes from clamping my lids shut.

Sometimes I walk around the house looking for anything to stimulate a brainstorm , but, usually I end up facing a  few messy rooms that look as though they weathered a storm and curse at the dirty laundry that  is multiplying faster than bunnies.

Sometimes I jump into my mom uniform and take the crazy dog out for a walk in the “hood” hoping to grab some outdoor information that could trigger some hyperboles of life.  My dog was my original muse when I started this blog adventure, but now we both just walk amongst ourselves  in silence soaking in scenery and leftover urine floating atop the grass. Even my dog carries the “No Vacancy” aura atop is pea brain.  Lately it feels like I’m taking Eeyore for an apathetic walk…

Sometimes I check my email and witness an assortment of blogger’s have been busy at blogging.  I admire the folks that are able to write once a day and even sometimes twice a day.  Sometimes I find my Inbox is inundated weekly with subscriptions that I am too caught up in reading and I find I have left no time to formulate my own  mental material. I wish I had the time to blog every day or even every week.  I tried once, on January 1st of each year since the onset of this blog, I tried with all my mighty imagination to transcribe daily.  A day turned into two days….then three days….then a week….then a month….then I found myself caught up in living life instead of attempting to write about it.

Sometimes I load my brain cells with caffeine to try and jump start a synapse.  I step and fetch myself a warm cappuccino thinking the lovely aroma of my Italian espresso blend will activate an afflatus.  All it seems to produce is a  mild movement towards a quiet ladies room.  I never afflatus in public.

Sometimes I just want to stop all this blogsense and quit.  Maybe free up my stagnant legs that  hide under the desk while the varicosities await their first thrombosis.  Maybe give the chair cushion a break and let the micro-foam have a breather and work the dent out.  Maybe give my eyes a break from the vibrant glare on my screen….oh…wait…I have transition lenses.  I utilize the Hunter  S. Thompson technique….minus the cigarette.

Yes, I like the sound of my house in the morning that harbors a unique calmness before it’s inundated with the walking dead teens and  a tumbling dog chasing a husband who checks in and out and leaves his keys at the front desk.

My Desk.

The desk that shelters the immobile legs and supports the bent elbows that hold the hands that clasp the head which contains the brain that is trying to channel amusements blogged by a jack of all trades…….

spread the humor.

Jenee says:

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with SEO? I’m trying to get my blog to rank for some targeted keywords but I’m not seeing very good success.

If you know of any please share. Thank you!

You don’t need the pressure of having to conform to a schedule, CW. You’re dripping with creativity. Just relax and keep writing. Please.

Thank you Charles……. I’ve been a “Blog BLOCK-head” lately….lol

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So glad to see you haven’t dropped off the edge of the earth Charly. Missed you.

And you have so vividly and humorously described, in true kindred spirit style, what all we bloggers go through over time. I don’t think Erma Bombeck could have said it any better.

LB..thank you…I’m blushing……how did you know Erma is my Idol??

I didn’t, but it shows. I was a routine reader of her columns and found myself laughing out loud on many occasions.

I have to sneak writing…or stay up late…sacrificing sleep. But it is therapy!

Sneak writing?? LOL….maybe loosen those buckles a little after hours?? LOLOL.. thanks for the drop in!

I seem to always have something happen to me, or think about something, or see something on the news that makes me say “I’ve got to blog about that,” or “That’s my next blog.” Or you could do requests, like I have been lucky enough to have twice now. Today’s “Really,” and “She’s Not Dead Yet,” a few weeks back. I’ll tell you though, when you sit down and start writing stuff, it’s terrific. I’m with Dusty, you better not stop.

Thanks O. Leonard..thank you for the vote of confidence….and thank you for taking the time to comment! have given me some ideas…..

Carry on, my wayward dog…
There’ll be peace when you are done… with your blog…
OK, it rhymed, but it didn’t flow as well as I had hoped.

bigron42 says:

I made the mistake of giving my muse my debit card and the extra set of keys to my army green, 1974 VW Thing. I haven’t heard from him in weeks. Oh, well, live and learn. He’s six foot tall, with steel gray eyes, black wavy hair, a chisled masculine face, and a fair complexion. When I last saw him via a picture taken on his new, Apple 4s phone, he was dressed in a Stefano Ricci suit and tie, black, Mezlan shoes and belt, and a solid blue Armani dress shirt. He is now driving a 2011 Rolls-Royce Ghost. I don’t know how he bought those things since my debit card only had $137.64 on it. But, he is blessed with the gift of gab and an ability to talk his way into and out of any situation he deems profiitable for himself. If anyone out there happens to see him at a local Starbucks let me know. You can find me at:

Most days I have to drag my ass to the computer and make myself sit there and write. Then there are the times I see something or read something that screams BLOG ME BITCH!

So I do know how you feel. Plus, I don’t try to make people laugh, which you are quite good at m’dear, and that has to be tough depending on what is going on w/you and yours.

You better not stop this bloggin nonsense..I need my dose of Charly! 😉

thanks Dusty for dusting me off! lol..You hit the nail on the head..sometimes reaching for the funny bone is harder than it appears.. Always a pleasure to hear from you!

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