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{March 6, 2012}   Say Halloooo to My Little Blog..

I received something the other day in the (e)mail. It is entitled:

The Kreativ Blogger Award

No, I did not misspell the word…I’m not that Kreative…

I would like to extend a modicum of appreciation to all the Blogheads out there that actually take the time out of their hectic days to unravel my sardonic pen and ink………contents of my motherboard……

This is my second honor bestowed upon my Blog and has been brought to you by:

I would like to send a simple and humble Thank You to this inspirational artist that awarded me this honor and it couldn’t happen at a better time…..just after the Oscars….

Unfortunately CW was unavailable to be here to accept this gracious award so she sent her Charly -Dog on her behalf:

Now let us commence with the program:

Here’s the rules of engagement:

1) Thank the person that Nominated you:       THANK YOU! & See above in RED…

2) List 7 interesting things about myself:       1 through 7, please refer back to my Versatile Blogger      Award…nothing has changed except I am aging…

3) Nominate 7 more Blogheads: My choices are based on the humor these Blogger’s Kreativly Inject and don’t realize how Kreativly funny they are:

and any food, travel, picturesque, blog I may have missed but always enjoy : I tip my Blog off to you.

As you can see I added more than the allotted 7,  I believe rules are made to be broken……

Thank you to all my faithful followers and I tip my funny bone off to you all!

Spread the Humor: CW

I came to read your latest post and find you’ve passed a blog award on to me (and many others). Congratulations, CW, and thank you. By the way, you may have gotten a little older since your last award, but aging? No way.

Oh I HAVE to get over here more Often. So many Bloggers, so Little time. I don’t know if you have been he recipient of the Versatile Blogger Award, If not, I now Nominate you. If you have already received this award, the it is doubly deserved.

I did receive that lovely award as well! Thank you!

Phil says:

Congratulations on the award! I do appreciate the shout-out as well.

I love Charlydog, even though he seems bored with all the hoopla.

That’s the puppy” downers” talking…lol….he may have to go to doggie rehab with Dr. Drew….lol

Thanks Phil!

Its really nice to get an award in internet. your blog is having some creative elements. keep it up

barb19 says:

Congrats Charly, and thank you for the nomination too – much appreciated!

My pleasure Barb!

zen city says:

I have 3 things to say.
1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Well deserved! (that counts as 1 even though it’s 2)
2. I love Charley-Dog
3. Thank you!

1) Thank You! 2) Charly-dog would love a home in the City…he needs more zen moments! lol 3) You’re welcome!

A well earned award CW and thanks for the shout out on my blog.

Pleasures all mine LB.

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