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{November 14, 2012}   I blogged it Myyyy Waaayyyy….

OK…..all right…..I am trying to calm down  and stop foaming at the keyboard.  I haven’t blogged for a while due to an unpleasant sighting on this word pressed ship.  I noticed a stowaway one day when scoping a freshly pressed victim from their opening page,  and discovered a minor round of similarities from a post gone past.

 Blogging  is relative to my brain and my experiences and I am very happy to know that some folks enjoy my rhetoric, but not happy to discover a desire to inhabit some of the sparks.  I’ve read that imitation is a form of flattery, and accept that notion, but when a piece gets freshly pressed off of a knuckle head idea formed from my skull….well….that crosses me.   At least have the decency to ask me first.

I have noticed other blogs add a copyright corner to their site and I have followed suit, and this has been in place since the onset of my written material.  It may have been a little hidden considering It took a while to figure out the  purpose of the widget. However, those that are experience surfers are able to catch a wave in a matter of seconds to hook a fresh one.

 To hunt a Gentlman O’Fortune and pic a ruined idea lies in deep waters, plus, I am too tired and too old to to be upset over pirating  the booty of a blog.  I am considering a change of venue and charter my Furner to a private port and masquerade in a ghostly manner, or quietly sail off into the sunset to sip some grog and blog solo for few hearty Matey’s…

  Getting inspiration and triggering an epiphany are avast on these still waters, but pilfering and plunder a little blog down under…well…I’ll leave that to Johnny Depp’s Movies.

Any other Landlubber’s out there experience this?  I’ll heed yer advice. Free of course……no charge…… copy that.


Sorry to know this is still eating at you, CW. I hope you can let it go and keep blogging. Besides, that guy probably attracted all kinds of thieves and stalkers to his Freshly Pressed post. Life works like that, doesn’t it? Truth, justice, and the American way?

Actually it’s not eating me anymore since I blogged it…LOL.. Thanks for the pep talk.

zen city says:

oh, no! and you’re not going to tell us who?????
Don’t go away charley -girl!

Every once in a while I’ll google my posts to see if it pops up on some other website and have found, on two occasions, my comments, word for word, posted as if they belonged to the owner of that site.

I confronted them and one of the site owners, an environmental site reporting on the hazards of the BP oil spill, was apologetic and added my link to the post. I never heard from the other site. In fact it disappeared altogether.

Like you I’m not here necessarily blogging to be compensated for my work. I make no effort to do this. But I would appreciate the due recognition I deserve when someone uses part or all of my material for themselves.

Just curious CW. Who got a freshly pressed post using your material?

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