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{January 19, 2013}   Guess The Age

Guess The Age

CW has a birthday coming up. Please be kind….& feel free to lie & flatter.

Miss your wit! Where are you? Sandy


I know I sent you some SAT books a couple of years ago, so from that I’d guess your kids were in high school and you’d have to be at least 35. (This is such a bad idea.) Unless the books were for you. (Wising up, but possibly too late.) Anyway, you said to guess your age, not how old you actually look. Based on just the picture, I’d say twenty-eight. Or twenty-five. (Are we still friends?)

I hope your birthday was amazingly happy.

Happy Birthday CW! Ohhhhhhhhh yeh! What a smile – with an endless supply of devilment. Pretty…fun…some of us just get all the goodies in the litter. Sandy

You’ve held together very well over the years CW. I think it’s your humor that keeps you so vibrant and attractive.

Hell no! No way I’m even trying…on my list of No-no’s!!!!! But looking good!

LOL..thx…you are a very wise man….

zen city says:

29 and 3/4.

lol.. I choose forever 39…..Jack Benny’s -retire-less number..
& Thank you

Oh heavens no. Definitely in the 25 range.

TY………25. range… MY dreams….LOL

And what happens to us if we guess wrong? I’m not taking any chances. Not a day over 22. πŸ™‚

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