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{January 22, 2010}   Blog in the Manger

My puppy has a fetish. He loves the laundry. He particularly loves to grab a sock. Any sock will do. He will spend hours playing with an old Hanes or a Gold Toe. He steals them out of the basket when I’m not looking and when he feels daring he jumps half way into the dryer and actually surveys the clothing. Most the time I just let him take one sock, usually my sons. They are the largest. Unfortunately, Charly will not relinquish his home made toy and devours the sucker until it has more holes in it than Swiss cheese. Ergo we are a one- sock- footed family with lots of mismatches.  We all decided to take the Holy socks and wad them into a ball. We keep adding new merchandise to the initially rolled “sockie”  much like  a rubber band ball. Only with stockings.  I decided to keep an unwashed one in the center to hold his attention a little longer.  You can always tell when a pup has something they are not suppose to have by the way they slink around corners like a spy at the airport. One day at the Whirlpool Charly confiscated an intimate article of clothing that belonged to my daughter. He ran down the hallway and out of sight with his new treasure with me calling after him. Leave! Drop! I cornered him in an adjacent room with his tuschie facing me and he turned his head to the side and dangling from his mouth was a Victoria Secret Thong. I didn’t even have to make a move in any direction because Charly bolted past me and went from room to room frolicking with his new foundations. ( you can find that antiquated definition under Bra History).  I gave him the chase routine for ten minutes, then I gave up and grabbed my camera. I watched him play with this pink thing for over an hour. At one point he was on his back clenching the triangle part in his teeth and stretching the elastic waistband (?) with his legs as if he were using an exercise resistant tubing.  I think he had it on low resistance to tone his flabby under-paws. Then he kicked it up to high speed and got his appendages tangled and looked like a bug caught in a spider’s web. When he jumped up on all fours he was carrying his front elbow in a sling and limping into the kitchen like he just got shot by a stray bullet. I tried to compose myself to retrieve the undergarment but there was no letting up from Charly’s jaws so I just kept snapping pictures and laughing. No, I was not laughing at the misfortune of my puppy’s tangle web he wove, I was laughing because I sent a text to my daughter at college with an attachment of the puppy and his trophy.  She was so delighted she text back a stream of Hahahaha’s. I text her that I posted it on her Facebook.

Funny, she hasn’t text back……….


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