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{May 21, 2011}   Beauty Is In The Eye of the Blogger

I have just received an  incredible Honor in the blogging world which was passed on to me by:

She awarded(?) me with the “Versatile Blogger Award”, and upon receiving this I would just like to say” Thank You very much…… and You like me, you really, really like me…..well Sandy says she does……….”

I am not familiar with this award, but none the less, it is something that I can hopefully add to my resume of achievements along with learning to change diapers, taxiing teens, spoon feeding life into my family, conquering menopause without taking out a post office, and avoiding my puppy’s plot in trying to kill me……..

I have found that everything in life does come with strings attached…my children entered that way….and with accepting this award there are rules that must be obeyed and conveyed.

First: I must post the Link that nominated me:

Secondly: List 7 random things about myself………So….here’goes:

1) The Girl in Green that is posted on my blog is a silhouette of my body 20 years ago……(you just scrolled up..didn’t you…)

2) Charlywalker is not my real name…..although I’m thinking of changing it to avoid creditors….

3) I live in Levi’s, loafers without socks, cashmere sweaters, and a HootersAir cap hosting a pony tail….

4) I will retire under the Tuscan Sun….even if it’s the name of a local restaurant…..

5) Speak, Write, Serve me anything in Italian and I’m all over you like a cheap suit……………

6) I like funny. Anything Funny.  I like people who like funny………

7) I will continue to uphold my motto: Spread The Humor………..

Now there are many people and blogs I’d like to post but the rules of engagement are to list only 15.  I have 52 blogs I would love to tout so if you could find it in your blog-hearts to nominate me 3.742 more times I would be able to give them all a  just due mentionable…..

Thirdly: I Google(d) the definition of versatile and it states: “capable of doing many things competently; having varied uses or serving many functions; changing or fluctuating readily”.  I can state that by this definition, Versatile applies to many bloggers, but you will never find me fluctuating in public.  Here are my first fifteen:                               

Now, just in case I missed a few:



belleofthecarnival,kimeling,cdewine,Thevividwriter,coopernicus,cheeseschipsandgravyplusfootball, thedailydish,artswebshow,brokenalabasterbottle,cocorivers,oldbentnail,theteachingwhore,joysinmylife,


Normalstepfather,Martinimaidens,Ocinthered,Onemixedbag,momintraining13,pccadvantage,oh, and Salt & Pepper(?).

And all the SPAM one blog can NOT allow…….

Thank You.

Charlywalker…….spread the humor.

Debbie says:

Why am I always the last to catch on? I thought you were just making a clever quip! I didn’t know you really gave me an award. Well, shoot, I didn’t even know I was versatile. I thought I was just confused.I LOVE your list of 7! Thanks again! I’m honored!

Thanks so much for the shout out! You most certainly are versatile, funny and thought provoking. Keep em coming!

My pleasure Renee….Thanks for stopping by again and again…

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Thanks for the shout out!

My pleasure! You blog is hazardous to my waistline……LOL

The Hook says:

Congrats! You always knew you were versatile, didn’t you?

Not until the award hit.. Thanks for the drive by..I’ll leave the screen light on for ya!

The only part I can cop to is the “changing or fluctuating readily.” I’ll leave the rest at your capable fingertips.

Always enjoy your posts!

Oh my..I hope you’re not fluctuating in public!..Thanks for the read, always a pleasure to please..

barb19 says:

Congrats on the award Charly, you are definitely a versatile blogger!
Thanks also for passing it on, I’m honoured.

My Pleasure! and thank YOU!

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Congrats on being a “Versatile Blogger”. Well-deserved, indeed! Love your acceptance speech… “spoon feeding life into my family” ha, great line! Thanks for the mention and for passing it forward 😀

My Pleasure! and thank you!

Upper right in blue, baby!

At least it appears that way on my monitor.

And I thought you didn’t like my Haiku diversion.


VERSATILE…OA……..diverse, but VERSATILE….. I have problems with blog alignment……

Thanks for shout out Charly.

Is this one of those recognitions like the e-emails that say if you don’t send this to 15 other people bats will eat your tongue out while sleeping?

Funny..I was thinking the same thing when I received it! Like a chain letter…..LOL

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